Eppendorf™ Mastercycler™ PRO

Mastercycler pro, 230V

Eppendorf™ Pipetten-Unterteil 5000 μl

Pipetten-Unterteil 5000 µl

Eppendorf™ ThermoMixer™ C Zubehör, Smartblock™ Thermoblock

Maintain accurate uniform temperatures with these thermoblocks. Eppendorf™ Smartblock™ Thermoblocks are compatible with Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ C, and support a broad range of applications. SmartBlock 0.5mL0.5ML

Eppendorf™ 5810 Zentrifugen ohne Rotor

Centrifuge 5810, ohne Rotor, 230 Volt,Drehzahlregler 200 bis 14000 upm

Eppendorf™ 1000 μl-96-Well-DeepWell-PCR-Platten aus sterilem Polypropylen

Deepwell Platten, 96 Well 1000µl, Typ Steril,grün, VE=5x 4 Stück

Eppendorf™ Rotordeckel

Rotor lid for FA-45-16-17, aerosol-tight

Eppendorf™ 96 Wells Temperature Sensor Plate


Eppendorf™ 5424R Microcentrifuges

Use these centrifuges for all modern molecular biology applications in Eppendorf™ and PCR tubes. Eppendorf 5424R Microcentrifuges feature a 24-place capacity and speed up to 21,130 × g. Patented compressor technology reduces vibrations and protects your samples. Centrifuge 5424R, gekühlt, 230V/50-60Hz,Drehknopf-Variante, ohne Rotor

Eppendorf™ Adapter für Festwinkelrotor mit Rundboden

X2 Adapter für 7-15 ml-Gefäße (2 x 16,5)

Eppendorf™ Zylinder

Zylinder, 10ml

Eppendorf™ O-Ringe aus FKM

O-Ring Di=2.0 x s=2.6 ,75, FPM

Eppendorf™ EP-tips™ Rack Biopur Pipettenspitzen

Use these pipette tips for molecular biology and cell technology applications. Eppendorf™ epT.I.P.S.™ Biopur™ Pipette Tips are ideal for medical, pharmaceutical and food industries. epTIPS Racks 50-1250µl L, Biopur (steril), 5Racks m. 96 Tips, VE= 480 Stück

Eppendorf™ Stromversorgung

St.-Netzteil 230V AC 7,5V DC

Eppendorf™ Rotor FA-45-24-11-Spezial, inkl. Rotordeckel, aerosoldicht,PTFE-beschichtet

Rotor FA-45-24-11-Spezial, inkl. Rotordeckel,aerosoldicht,PTFE-beschichtet

Eppendorf™ Varispenser™ Analog Bottle Top Dispenser

At-Varispenser 5 - 25 ml 4960 000.043

Eppendorf™ Deckel


Eppendorf™ Zählersperren


Eppendorf™ Base Plate For 384 Well Plate

Base Plate für 384 Well Plate

Eppendorf™ Gummimatten

Ersatz-Gummiplatte 100, verp.

Eppendorf™ S-4-72 Rotor Adapters

For use with 4 × 250mL round buckets X2 ADAPTER 26X 1,5/2ML MICROTUBE IN S-4-72

Eppendorf™ Gelbe Kolben

Kolben 200µl mit Dichtung für variabel: 20-200µl,fix: 200µl, gelb

Eppendorf™ EDOS-Verlängerungskabel für Dosiergriff, 1,5 Meter Dosiergriff für EDOS Eppendorf

EDOS-Verlängerungskabel für Dosiergriff, 1,5 MeterDosiergriff für EDOS Eppendorf

Eppendorf™ Kalibriersiegel, (VE=5Stck.)

Kalibriersiegel, (VE=5Stck.)

Eppendorf™ Ersatzdeckel

Use this replacement rotor lid with Rotor F-45-24-11. Eppendorf™ Replacement Lid is not aerosol-tight. Ersatzdeckel für Standardrotor F 45-24-11

Eppendorf™ Hubsysteme


Eppendorf™ S-4-104 Rotor Adapters

For use with 4 × 750mL round buckets X2 ADAPTER 20XTUBE 16X75/100MM ROTOR S-4-104

Eppendorf™ Checked Secondary UV-VIS-Filter

Sekundär-UV-VIS-Filter geprüft


Resources About Eppendorf

Eppendorf - In touch with life

Eppendorf is a leading company in the field of life sciences, with a series of high-quality, innovative products and technologies.

Eppendorf are highly dedicated in providing high quality products and expert application support, which the life science community has come to expect from a worldwide leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment.

Their fully trained team of dedicated Product & Application Specialists are available for pre and post sales and application support across our whole range of products.

The range extends throughout our three main competence areas:

  • Liquid Handling
  • Sample Handling
  • Cell Handling

The harmonised product systems support the user during the varied solutions for laboratory tasks. This means that Eppendorf can offer a sophisticated product portfolio in all areas of the bio sciences as well as in medical research, medicine and also industrial applications.

The key area of focus for Eppendorf's partnership with Fisher Scientific is Bio Tools, which includes products such as pipettors, dispensers and centrifuges, and consumables such as microplates, sample tubes and pipettor tips.

The last few years have seen Eppendorf launch of many innovative products including:

  • Mastercycler® pro thermal cyclers
  • A new generation of microcentrifuges 5418, 5424, 5430
  • The light-weight and ergonomic Research plus pipette
  • The Xplorer electronic pipette
  • epT.I.P.S.® LoRetention
  • Microplates
  • twin.tec divisible PCR plates