Whatman products such as filter papers and membranes offer high-quality, innovative technologies for DNA sample collection and preparation.
Whatman is a brand that has been trusted by scientists for generations in the lab every day.

To help our customers find the Whatman filter paper they require we have setup this handy Whatman Filter Selector Guide.


Whatman™ Antibiotika-Testblättchen

Used in conjunction with the Kirby-Bauer method of antibiotic testing. Whatman&trade Antibiotic Assay Discs determine the type of causal agent of infectious diseases and their sensitivity to antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents. ANTIBIOTIC ASSAY DISCS 6MM6MM

Whatman™ Puradisc™ 13mm Sterile Syringe Filters

Whatman™ Puradisc™ 13mm Sterile Syringe Filters may be used for biological and HPLC sample preparation. PURADISC 13MM STER NYLON 6666

Whatman™ Cellulosenitrat-Membranen Typ WCN

Recommended for majority of routine applications, this membrane is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions.  Whatman™ Type WCN Cellulose Nitrate Membranes narrow pore size distribution for improved surface capture and analysis. MB CN WHITE 0.45UM 50MM0,45µ50MM

Whatman™ 602H 25MMX145M 1/PK, 1/Cs, MA: 10312673

602H 25MMX145M 1/PK, 1/Cs, MA: 10312673

Whatman™ Filterpapier für quantitative Analysen, aschefreie Qualität

Use as a gravimetric filter during analysis of metals in acidic or alkaline solutions and in the collection of hydroxides. Whatman™ Quantitative Filter Paper: Grade 540 Circles acid-treated surface prevents tearing during filtration and allows the user to scrape precipitates from the paper. X100 RUNDFILTER GRADE 540 5,5CM

Whatman™ PTFE-Membranen, Typ WTP

Suited for applications involving aggressive organic solvents, strong acids, and alkalis due to being chemically stable and inert. Whatman&trade WTP Range PTFE Membranes are particularly suitable for preparing samples for HPLC analysis, air and gas sterilization. Membranfilter PTFE (WTP), weiß, einfach Por.=1.0µm,D=47 mm (VE=100 Stck.)

Whatman™ MicroPlus and ME Membrane Filters


GE Healthcare Whatman 850-DS PVDF 8-Channel Filter Plates

Used for filtering purposes. X50 850-DS 8 Channel Filter Plate 0.2um PVDF

Whatman™ Polycap Disposable Capsules: 36TC

Polycap TC filters for sterile filtration of biological and tissue culture aqueous solutions POLYCAP 36 TC 0.2/0.2UM WITH BELLBELL

Whatman™ 1 Chr Chromatographie-Papier

Ensures the wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action important in chemical separations. Whatman™ 1 Chr Chromatography Paper is also widely used in protein and nucleic acid blotting. DC PAPIER 1CHR 25X25CM

Whatman™ Trockengestell für 903 Protein Saver Karten

Air-dries blood specimens in a suspended horizontal position. Whatman™ Drying Rack for 903 Protein Saver Card is easily assembled and can be affixed to a wall or counter top with optional Velcro stickers. X10 903 DRY RACK WITHOUTVELCRO

Whatman™ Filterpapier 0858

filter paper 1060 x 560 mm, type 0858, 1/Cs10334435

Whatman™ Mixed Cellulose Ester Membrane Filters

Whatman™ Mixed Cellulose Ester Membrane Filters are biologically inert and offers high degree of internal surface area for greater product adsorption. MEMB GRUEN ME ,45Á GN. SCHW

GE Healthcare Whatman Aqueous IFD, 0.2μm, 50 mm, nylon

Aqueous IFD from GE is a polypropylene housed in-line filter/degasser (IFD) with nylon membrane. It connects to an HPLC line and simultaneously filters and degasses during HPLC mobile phase preparation. IFD 0,2ÁM NYLON MEMB 1/8IN NPNPT

Whatman™ Glas-Mikrofaser-Filterpapier Grad 10

Glass microfiber filter paper X100 GLASASERFILTER GF 10150MM

X100 934-AH RTU 90MM

Permits rapid passage of very large sample volumes without blockage for collection of suspended solids in potable, natural, and industrial waters X100 934-AH RTU 90MM

Whatman™ Dreiteiliger Filtertrichter

Features quick and easy filtration. Whatman™ Three-piece Filter Funnels dismantle quickly for the insertion of a new filter. Funnels are available with a choice of three plates and come in several sizes. Filtertrichter 3-teilig, mit Acryl-Ablauf-platte,für 70 mm-Glasfaser-Mikrofilter

Whatman™ Filterpapiere für quantitative Analysen

Enables strong retention for very fine crystalline precipitates. Whatman™ Quantitative Filter Paper: Grade 50 Circles withstand shredding, wet handling, and precipitate removal by scraping. RUNDFILTER GRADE 50 32,0CM32,0CM



Whatman™ Anotop™ 25 sterile Spritzenfilter

Remove virtually 100% of particulates larger than pore size ANOTOP 25 0,1µ 25MM ST

Whatman™ PolyVent™ Belüftungsfilter für Gefäße

Flows in both directions with hydrophobic PTFE membrane. Whatman™ PolyVENT™ Vessel Venting Filters are integral filter products for sterile venting of vessels and tanks. POLY-VENT 1000 PTFE 50MM

Whatman™ Nuclepore™ Kernspurmembranen aus Polycarbonat, 19 mm

Manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate film and track-etched for high pore size precision. Whatman™ 19mm Nuclepore™ Polycarbonate Hydrophilic Membranes combine high flow rates and chemical and thermal resistance with sharply defined pores, making them suitable for microscopy, cytology, parasitology, and certain air and oceanography analyses. MEMBRAN PC 19MM ,1ÁM

Whatman™ Grad 589/1 Rundpapiere für quantitative Filter

Designed for fast filtration of coarse precipitate. Whatman™ Grade 589/1 Quantitatve FIlter Paper Circles support tests such as cement fineness measurement in a standard Blaine test or determination of the ash content in foodstuffs. 

Whatman™ 3MM Chr Chromatographie-Papier

Manufactured entirely from high-quality cotton linters with no additives and tested specifically for chromatographic techniques. Whatman™ Grade 3MM Chr Chromatography Paper ensures the wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action that are important in chemical separations. X100 DC PAPIER 3MMCHR 11X14CM11X14CM

Whatman™ Anodisc™ Filtermembranen

Constructed with precision pore structure and narrow pore size distribution. Whatman™ Anodisc™ Filter Membranes ensure a high level of particle removal efficiency. Captures microorganisms and particulates on the surface of the membrane for subsequent analysis. X50 MEMBRANE ANOPORE 0.2µM 47MM UNS UNS

Whatman™ Typ SR Dispenser für pH-Indikatorband

Used for rapid determination of pH values INDIKATORPAPIER,ROLLE,PH 1- 14

Whatman™ Puradisc FP Cellulose-Spritzenvorsatzfilter

Provide high mechanical strength, high flexibility, high flow rates, and low extractable levels. Whatman™ 30mm Puradisc™ FP Nonsterile Cellulose Nitrate Syringe Filters are an excellent choice for trace element analysis applications. PURADISC FP 30/5,0 CN 5µMFiltereinheit SCHWARZRAND 5 µm, Typ FP


Resources About Whatman

Whatman, now part of GE Healthcare, is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of separations technology products.

Whatman is known and recognised throughout the world for its expertise in separations technology and the range of unique and innovative products that this technology makes available.

Key Products:

Whatman filters are used for research, analysis and quality control in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and environmental testing industries. In addition, Whatman provides customized products as critical components for leading manufacturers of medical devices and diagnostic kits.