Fisherbrand™ Feuchtigkeitsanalysatoren

Moisture analyzer MBS65 60g/5mg

Fisherbrand™ Analysewaage

Mit einfach zu reinigendem Zugluftschutz, Nivellierungsanzeige auf der Vorderseite und wählbaren Umwelteinstellungen. Fisherbrand™ Analysewaagen sind ideal für routinemäßige Wägeanwendungen in den meisten Laboren. Analytical balance 210g/0,1mg internal calibration

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ SpatulaBalance™

Unique spatula scoops material and instantly weighs it. SPATULABALANCE 300 G /0,1 G

OHAUS™ Scout™ STX Precision Portable Balances

Fast weighing speed and high resolution deliver repeatable and reliable results, thereby setting new standards in laboratory and industrial weighing. OHAUS Scout STX Precision Portable Balances offer quick and efficient navigation with the informative color touchscreen display. It offers multiple built-in application modes, making even the most complex weighing tasks easy to perform. Advanced Portable balance Scout STX 6200g/0,1g

Sartorius™ Secura™ Precision Weighing Balances

Easy, reliable weighing in regulated work areas BALANCE secura 610g, 10 mg

Ohaus™ Navigator Tragbare Waage

Designed for a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications. Ohaus™ Navigator NV Balances feature ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection. WAAGE OHAUS NAVIGATOR(R) XL NVL511 MULTI-PURPOSE

OHAUS™ Scout™ SKX Precision Portable Balances

Fast weighing speed and high resolution deliver repeatable and reliable results. OHAUS Scout SKX Precision Portable Balances are ideal for demanding classroom applications. Portable balance Scout SKX 620g/0,1g

Sartorius™ Quintix™ Precision Weighing Balances

Advanced weighing technology provides reliable and accurate results Präzisionswaage Quintix 213-1S

Ohaus™ Tragbare elektronische Waage


Sartorius™ Practum™ Analysewaagen

Obtain professional results with a world-class weighing instrument. Sartorius™ Practum™ Analytical Weighing Balances boast an innovative housing design and rugged weigh cell for easy weighing and outstanding connectivity when transferring results to Microsoft™ Excel™ spreadsheet or printer. BALANCE PRACTUM 120G X 0.1MG 124-1SAblesbarkeit 0.1mg

Sartorius™ Secura™ Analytical Weighing Balances

Easy, reliable weighing in regulated work areas BALANCE SECURA 120G X 0.1MG 124-1SAblesbarkeit 0.1mg

Ohaus™ Adventurer Precision Balances

Strikes the ideal balance between inventive features and functional, uncomplicated weighing capabilities. Ohaus™ Adventurer Precision Balances incorporate all of the applications necessary for routine weighing and measurement activities. Balance Adventurer 220g/1mg AX223

Ohaus™ Hochleistungspräzisionswaage

Simplify even the most complex high-capacity laboratory measurements with this balance. Ohaus™ Precision High Capacity Balances provide unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance, high-capacity balances. Balance Explorer 35KG/1g

Sartorius™ Cubis™ MSA Toploader Balances: No Draft Shield (DO)/Guide-Assisted Leveling

Ideal for use in regulated areas in the pharmaceutical industry Laborwaage Cubis MSA, MSA8201S-000-D0, 8200 g,100 mg

Sartorius™ Quintix™ Analysewaagen

Offers smart and efficient weighing, improved workflows with touch-screen and scroll technology which enables user to easily navigate through all balance operations. Sartorius™ Quintix™ Analytical Weighing Balances provide reliable and accurate results. Analysenwaage Quintix 224-1S

OHAUS™ Explorer™ Series Precision Balances

All-new Explorer balances deliver unequaled quality and dependability. OHAUS Explorer Series Precision Balances have faster stabilization time which improves operational efficiency, increases throughput and improves productivity. Waage EXPLORER EX1103 1100G/1MGAblesbarkeit 1 mg, Wägebereich 1100 g

Sartorius™ Cubis™ Essential Precision Balances

The right choice for users without complex operations who primarily want to perform ultra-precise weighing Waage Cubis Essential 12,2kg/0,1g

Sartorius™ Cubis™ Serie Präzisionswaage, Modell MSU1203S

Choose from thousands of options to configure this balance to suit individual needs and obtain the optimal solution for integration into the weighing process. Sartorius™ Cubis™ Series MSU1203S Model Precision Balances can be seamlessly integrated into your individual workflows. CUBIS SCALE MSU 1200G/0.001GAPP

Ohaus™ MB90 Moisture Analyzer

Measures moisture content with increased precision and efficiency. Moisture Analyzer MB90

Sartorius™ Laborwaage Cubis MSU, MSU623P-100-DA

Laborwaage Cubis MSU, MSU623P-100-DA

Sartorius™ Quintix™ Topload Weighing Balances

Advanced weighing technology provides reliable and accurate results Präzisionswaage Quintix® 6.100g / 1mg

OHAUS™ Explorer™ Series Analytical Balances

Faster weighing with improved repeatability and vibration filtering. OHAUS Explorer Series Analytical Balances deliver accurate results within seconds, improving operator efficiency, productivity and throughput, with a stabilization time up to 50% faster that earlier models. BALANCE EXPLORER 320G/0,1MGAblesbarkeit 0,1 mg, Wägebereich 320 g

Sartorius™ CUBIS SCALE MSU 6200G/0.01G APP


Mettler Toledo™ Balance Mettler Toledo MS32001LE/01 top pan with 1 g, Höchstlast 32200 g

Balance Mettler Toledo MS32001LE/01 top pan withexternal adjustment pan size 351mm x 245mm 100-240

Sartorius™ MA37 Feuchtemessgerät

For quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of liquid, pasty and solid substances using the thermogravimetric method. MA37 Infrarot FeuchtebestimmerKompakter Feuchtebestimmer, 70g / 1mg, leistungsst