Carl Zeiss™ Membranobjektträger

415190-9081-000 (alt 4151014401600) MembraneSlideNF 1.0 PEN 212

Carl Zeiss™ Calibration slide universal D=0

Calibration slide universal D=0

Thermo Scientific™ Cel-Line Epoxy Diagnostic Slides

These hydrophobic coatings bind liquids applied to the wells and keeps fluids in the well area. Made of extra-white soda-lime glass with very low iron content. Clean, flat and suitable for immediate use X72 Cel-Line Epoxy 30-406A

Marienfeld Superior™ X100 Objektträger,1 Vertiefung,Tiefe 0,6-0,8mm,D=1 5-18 mm, 76x26x1,2...1,5 mm

X100 Objektträger,1 Vertiefung,Tiefe 0,6-0,8mm,D=15-18 mm, 76x26x1,2...1,5 mm

Hecht Karl™ Glasplatten mit 12 Vertiefungen 76x60 mm, D=16 mm

Glasplatten mit 12 Vertiefungen 76x60 mm, D=16 mm

Applied Biosystems™ Dynabeads™ Spot-On™ Slides

Dynabeads™ Spot-On™ Slides Dynal® Spot-On, 100 Slides

MP Biomedicals™ Multitest Slides

For laboratory use MULTITEST SLIDE, 8 WELL 100/BOX

Thermo Scientific™ SuperChip™ Microarray Slides

Choose from several standard surface chemistries and custom coatings with Thermo Scientific™ SuperChip™ Microarray Slides. Slides are manufactured from high-quality, ultra-flat, low-fluorescence glass. X20 OBJEKTTRAEGER POLY-L-LYSINE

Thermo Scientific™ Dia Glass

Dia Glass, cut , made of extra-white soda-lime glass with very low iron content. Diaglas Menzel 1mm 70x70mm 2B, VE=100

Hecht Karl™ Objektträger

Objekttrager mit 3 Vertiefungen 76x26 mm1,5MM

Hecht Karl™ Superfrost-Objektträger,mit Farb-Codierung unbekantet,76x26 mm (VE=100Stck.)

Superfrost-Objektträger,mit Farb-Codierungunbekantet,76x26 mm (VE=100Stck.)

Carl Zeiss™ X5000 SLIDES 90°,CC,20MM

X5000 Slides 90°,CC, 20mm