Fisherbrand™ 1-Well-Drahtgestelle aus epoxidbeschichtetem Stahl

Store a single upright centrifuge tube. Fisherbrand™ One-Well Steel Wire Rack is the ideal solution for limited work space. Sturdy, epoxy-coated steel wire is molded into a single well with a circular base ring to hold tubes securely in place. Fully autoclavable and freezer compatible. EPOXY GESTELL 1 FALCON TUBE 50ML50ML

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Allzweckträger

Carry glassware, samples or tools with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Utility Carriers, featuring resilient construction with molded-in center divider and handle. X6 Mehrzwecktraeger, PP, PP AUTOKLAV

Invitrogen™ iPrep™ Tip and Tube Rack

iPrep™ Tip and Tube Rack iprep Tip and Tube Rack, 1 rack

Fisherbrand™ Magbox Aufbewahrungskiste aus ABS-Kunststoff

Create storage space without crowding limited workspace. Fisherbrand™ MagLab™ MagBox™ Storage Box uses magnetic mounting to store miscellaneous lab and office supplies off the benchtop. Constructed of durable, brightly colored ABS plastic. MAGBOX

Fisherbrand™ ABS-Röhrchenständer, blau

Store centrifuge tubes without crowding limited workspace. Fisherbrand™ MagLab™ MagRack™ Tube Rack uses magnetic mounting to store 15mL and 50mL tubes off the benchtop. Constructed of durable, teal-colored ABS plastic. MAGRACK

Fisherbrand™ Rack für Zentrifugenröhrchen, PP (Polypropylen)

Open the racks to organize your tubes or collapse them for compact storage. Fisherbrand™ Pop-Up™ Centrifuge Tube Racks accommodate two tube sizes in a sturdy propylene rack with imprinted grids. Save space when they are not in use by easily closing them. X2 CENTRIFUGE TUBE RACK EXPANDABLE FOR 21 X 15MLBL

Fisherbrand™ PCR-Röhrchengestell aus PP (Polypropylen)

Flip the rack over for different-sized microtube wells. Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene PCR™ Rack, Reversible includes wells for 0.2mL, 0.5mL and 1.5mL tubes. The removable hinged fits on both sides and the rack is fully autoclavable. Made of sturdy polypropylene in a variety of colors. GESTELL PCR DOPPELSEITIG SORTISORTIM

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ BioTransport-Trägergriffe

Securely hold a fully loaded carrier with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ BioTransport Carrier Handles, which fold conveniently to the side for storage. Transportbügel Stahl, für Behälter Biotransport

Cole Parmer™ Stainless Steel Storage Racks

Storage Rack for 12 Bags, 400ML

Fisherbrand™ Gestell aus Epoxyd-beschichtetem Stahl für Zentrifugenröhrchen

Store a single tube or connect as many single racks as needed. Fisherbrand™ One-Well Connecting Tube Racks are ideal for limited work spaces. Designed to securely hold conical and round bottom 50mL tubes. Constructed of sturdy, fully autoclavable polypropylene. PP GESTELL 1 FALCON TUBE 50ML VE=550ML

Fisherbrand™ Reagenzglasgestell Typ B

Transport and store 50mL capped centrifuge tubes in durable wire racks. Fisherbrand™ Wire Test Tube Racks are made with epoxy coated steel that is chemical resistant. Slotted bottoms ensure upright position and secure sample handling. Autoclavable. GESTELL 8 TUBES STAHL-EPOXY

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ BioTransport-Träger

Easily view contents with the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ BioTransport Carrier. Bio-Sicherheits-Transport- , und Lagerbehälter

Brand™ PMMA/Polypropylene Imhoff Cone Rack

Gestell für 2 Sedimentiergefässe nach Imhoff,300x130x400 mm

GE Healthcare MagRack Maxi

A magnetic rack for small-scale protein purification and sample enrichment with magnetic beads MagRack Maxi,

Sartorius™ Disposable Stands for Concentrators

Holds four solvent absorption concentrators Einwegständer für 4 Einheiten Vivapore 5 (VE=6PCE)

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Electrophoresis Gel Plate Rack

Smooth polypropylene cushions glass edges to reduce chipping and cracking RACK 10 ELEKTROPHORESEPLATTENELEKTROPHORESEPLATTEN

GE Healthcare Tube Racks

Rack C, complete with bowl for 96well micro titer and 30 mm tubes

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Elektrodengestell

Store and condition electrodes STATIV FUER 8 ELEKTRODEN

Carl Roth™ Polypropylene Cover Flat

Rotilabo PCR-Ständer-Deckel, flach, (14mm), farblo

Carl Roth™ Rotilabo™ Polypropylene PCR Stand

X2 Rotilabo PCR-Ständer, PS, weiss, für 8x12Reaktionsgefäße

Carl Roth™ Polypropylene PCR Rack

PCR-Rack f. 8x 12 0,2ml Gefässe, PP farbl.sortiert, transp. Stülpdeckel, VE=5 Stück

Carl Roth™ Polypropylene Stand

Ständer für Szintillationsgefäße, PP, mit 24Stellplätze D=30mm, 298x127x95mm

Carl Roth™ Polypropylene Cover Glass Frame Wash-N-Dry

TH51.1 Deckglasgestell Wash-N-Dry PPfür 10 Deckgläser

Behr Labor Technik™ Insert/Yoke Type Frame

CSB nach DIN 38409 H 41: Einsatz-/ Aufsatzgestellfür CSB 12/E und CSB 12/B