Labconco™ CentriVap™ Konzentrationssysteme: -50 °C Kühlfalle

Cold trap for use with Labconco CentriVap Benchtop Concentrator CentriVap Kühlfalle 4l Inhalt, bis -55°C, 230 V

Thermo Scientific™ Digital Series SpeedVac™ Systems

Conduct basic molecular biology applications and organic chemistry applications with one of two models of Thermo Scientific™ Digital Series SpeedVac™ Systems. SpeedVac-Konzentrator SPD111V Paket 1

Labconco™ CentriVap™ Systeme für wässrige Lösungen, Säuren und Lösungsmittel

With clear canister and acid, moisture, or solvent insert to provide additional vacuum pump protection CentriVap Aqueous System, Konzentrator, 12-13mmRotor, Kühlfalle, Vakuumschlauch

Labconco™ CentriVap™ Mikro IR Vakuumkonzentrator

Ideal for small throughput and sample sizes CENTRIVAP MICRO IR. ROTOR230 Volt

CentriVap™ Concentration Systems: Ultra-Low (-84°C) Cold Trap

For use with Labconco CentriVap Benchtop Concentrator CentriVap Ultra-Low Kühlfalle, 4l Inhalt, bis-85°C, 230 V

Labconco™ CentriVap™ Complete Concentrator

Comes with everything needed to start processing CENTRIVAP COMPLETE, W/ HEAT BOOST, 230V 50HZ

Labconco™ Proteomische CentriVap™ Konzentratorsysteme

Concentrates multiple small heat-sensitive samples Zentrifugal-Konzentratoren CentriVap, fürProteine, 230 Volt

Labconco™ CentriVap™ Säureresistentes Vakuumkonzentrationssystem

Offer maximum throughput processing upto 148 samples at once Zentrifugal-Konzentratoren CentriVap, für Säuren,230 Volt