Labconco™ Fast-Freeze™ Flaschen, nur Flaschenunterteil

High-strength borosilicate glass bottom to withstand extreme temperatures and high vacuum 600 ML FAST FREEZE FLASK

Fast-Freeze™ Kolben, vollständige Baugruppe

Easy to handle and fast to load Zubehör für Gefriertrockner FreeZone: 150 ml

Labconco™ Fast-Freeze™ Flasks, Complete Assembly

Used in the freeze drying process. Labconco™ Fast-Freeze™ Flasks, Complete Assembly is easy to handle and fast to load samples during the experiments. 750 ml Complete Fast-Freeze Flask, Amber

Labconco™ Lyph-Lock™ Flascheneinheit zur Gefriertrocknung

Complete three-piece flask consists of high-strength borosilicate glass molded top and bottom with silicone rubber seal 1000 ML COMPLETE LYPH-LOCK FLASK, 24/40 STJ

Labconco™ Lyph-Lock™ Flascheneinheit zur Gefriertrocknung mit 19/38 Standard-Schliffverbindungen

A complete Lyph-Lock Flask includes a glass top and bottom and a rubber ring 1000 ML COMPLETE LYPH-LOCK FLASK, 19/38 STJ

Fast-Freeze™ Flaschen, nur Gummideckel

For use with Fast-Freeze Flasks 40 & 80 ML FAST-FREEZE FLASK TOP

Labconco™ Zubehör für Gefriertrocknungsampulle

Freeze drying ampule accessories allow ampules to be used with Labconco FreeZone Freeze Dryers. OXYGEN/NATURAL GAS SEALING TORCH