Waagen mit Aufzeichnungsfunktion

OHAUS™ Waagen mit hängenden Wägeschalen

High precision and remarkable value. Mechanische Waage Dial-O-Gram, Typ 310-00Wägebereich 310g, Ablesbarkeit 0,01g

OHAUS™ Cent-O-Gram™ und Dial-O-Gram™ Waagen

Support centigram accuracy and encourage student precision. OHAUS Cent-O-Gram and Dial-O-Gram Balance comes with three-point base, special floating bearing principle, and beam design which eliminates need for level adjustment. Mechanische Waage Cent-O-Gram, Typ 311-00Wägebereich 311g, Ablesbarkeit 0,01g

OHAUS™ Triple Beam Balances

Accurate, rugged and dependable. OHAUS Triple Beam Balances have stainless-steel weighing pans and bearing covers which prevent rust and corrosion. Mechanische Waage Dial-O-Gram, Typ1650-00Wägebereich 610/2610g, Ablesbarkeit 0,1g

Mechanische Waage mit Dreifach-Waagebalken

Accuracy and convenience of a toploading balance. OHAUS Triple Beam Mechanical Balance gives students hands-on experience through manipulation of the poises and attachment weights, as well as visualization of mass measurement principles. WAAGE TRIPLE BEAM 610/0,1G

OHAUS™ Harvard Trip Waagen

Ideal for comparative weighing. OHAUS Harvard Trip Balances with choice of single or double beam models provide many years of maintenance-free, comparative weighing using a known standard. Mechanische Waage Harvard Trip,Typ1450-SDWägebereich 10/2000g, Ablesbarkeit 0,1g

OHAUS™ Mechanische Industriewaage, Typ 1119-D0 Wägebereich 20kg, Ablesbarkeit 1g

Ideal for high-capacity weighings—offers 20kg capacity and 1g readability. OHAUS Heavy-Duty Solution Balance with sturdy construction enables balance to withstand harsh environments and constant use without sacrificing precision. Mechanische Industriewaage, Typ 1119-D0Wägebereich 20kg, Ablesbarkeit 1g

OHAUS™ Harvard Trip Waagen

Ideal for comparative weighing programs and centrifuge tube balancing. OHAUS Harvard Trip Balances employ a two-pan design based on the classic Roberval balance principle. They are commonly used to determine the difference in mass between two objects, rather than their absolute value. Mechanische Waage Harvard Trip,Typ1550-SDWägebereich 210/2000g, Ablesbarkeit 0,1g