Thermo Scientific™ SL8 Cell Culture Centrifuge Package

Perform high-capacity work in a compact design. SL8 TX-150 Cell Culture Pack

Eppendorf™ Round Centrifuge Bucket


Eppendorf™ 750mL Round Buckets for S-4-104 Rotor

In packs of two or four X2 BUCKET 750 ML FOR S-4-104

Thermo Scientific™ TX-750 Round Bucket Adapters

For enhanced functionality of TX-750 Rotor X4 Adapter 50ml Röhrchen mit Stehrand oder konisch

Thermo Scientific™ SL16R Multi-Application Centrifuge Package

Excellent ergonomics and high performance unit for daily sample preparation. Multifuge X1R Multi-Application Package

Thermo Scientific™ Megafuge 16R TX-400 Greiner Clinical Centrifuge Package

Offers exceptional capacity, ergonomics and value. Megafuge 16R TX-400 GREINER Clinical Package

Eppendorf™ Modell 5430R Mikrozentrifugen

Keep your samples cool with this refrigerated microcentrifuge. Eppendorf™ Model 5430R Microcentrifuges combine the best features of a microcentrifuge (small footprint) and multipurpose centrifuge (versatility) in one instrument. Centrifuge 5430R, Folientastatur, 230V/50Hz,inklusive Rotor FA-45-30-11

Eppendorf™ Centrifuge 5702 R, 230V/50-60Hz, ohne Rotor

Meet the requirement of low- to mid-throughput clinical research and cell culture labs with these low speed, general purpose centrifuges. Eppendorf™ 5702 R Centrifuges are ideal for processing and analyzing samples from the human body in in-vitro diagnostic applications. Centrifuge 5702 R, 230V/50-60Hz, ohne RotorHZ, OHNE ROTOR

Eppendorf™ Adapter for 6 x 15/50mL Conical Tube Rotors

Adapterhülse für 50 ml Centri-prep Gefäße (Satz 6Stück)

Eppendorf™ Adapters For 100mL Rectangular Bucket

Adapter für 3-5 ml-Gefäße (14x11) (VE=2Stck.)(14X11)

Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ F21-8 x 50y Festwinkelrotor mit Auto-Lock-System

Führen Sie subzelluläre Trennungen mit dem ergonomischen Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ F21-8 x 50y Highspeed-Festwinkelrotor aus Kohlefaser durch. F21-8X50y Rotor (LYNX)

Thermo Scientific™ ST16 TX-200 Cell Culture Centrifuge Package

Exceptional capacity, ergonomic features and value. PACK SORVALL ST16 TX200 CENTRI R+DR+D

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Culture Flask Adapters

For processing Nunc™ T-75 or T-25 EasyFlasks™ in Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend™ T/RT Centrifuges. Adapter für T-75 Nunc EasyFlask, fürRechteckbecher 3614, VE=2 Stück

Eppendorf™ S-4-104 Rotor Adapters

For use with 4 × 750mL round buckets X2 ADAPTER 250ML BOTTLE ROTOR S-4-104

Eppendorf™ 5810R Zentrifugen ohne Rotor

Use these centrifuges for high-speed molecular biology applications in medium to high-throughput laboratories. Eppendorf™ 5810R Centrifuges without Rotor combine extraordinary versatility and capacity for both tubes and plates with a compact footprint. Centrifuge 5810R ohne Rotor, 230 Volt 50 bis 60 HzGEKÜHLT

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Lid for Primo™ Round Buckets

Provides biocontainment protection Aerosoldichte Kappe f. Rundbecher 75007555BECHER

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ T3/RT3 4-Pl SB Rotor -- Tube Adapters

For use with Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ T3 and RT3 centrifuges in 4-place swinging bucket rotor (11175338) X4 INSERT 1 X 450 ML 79 X 122 MM

Thermo Scientific™ Einzeln abgedichteter Festwinkelrotor (8 x 50 ml)

Zentrifugieren Sie acht konische Röhrchen in einzeln versiegelten Behältern. Festwinkelrotor für 8x 50ml Röhrchen, miteinzelnen, aerosoldichten Hülsen

Eppendorf™ Ausschwingrotor für Tischzentrifuge

Use these rotors for a wide range of molecular applications. Eppendorf™ Swing Bucket Rotors are designed for use with Eppendorf benchtop centrifuges. Ausschwingrotor A-8-17 für 8x 15 ml Gefäße, 5702ML

Thermo Scientific™ Microplate Rotor for Thermo Scientific Sorvall™ Legend™ Mach 1.6™/1.6R Centrifuges

For use with Legend Mach 1.6 and 1.6R Centrifuges. Mikrotestplatten-Rotor MP 3300DEEPWELL

Thermo Scientific™ Multifuge X1R Molecular Biology Centrifuge Package

Handle a diverse range of laboratory applications. Multifuge X1R Molecular Biology

Eppendorf™ Tisch-Mikrozentrifuge

Choose from a range of models with different rotors for a variety of centrifugation applications. Eppendorf™ Benchtop Microcentrifuges are ideal for safe centrifugation of hazardous samples. Centrifuge 5424, 230V/50-60Hz, inkl.RotorFA-45-24-11, mit Drehknopf-Variante

Corning™ LSE High Speed Microcentrifuge, 120V

Features an easy-to-use, digital control interface and high-speed performance for quick nucleic acid and protein separations. LSE High Speed Microcentrifuge, 120V

Thermo Scientific™ Megafuge 8 Microplate Centrifuge Package

Carry out clinical and research applications. Heraeus Megafuge 8 Microplate Pack

Eppendorf™ S-4-72 Rotor Adapters

For use with 4 × 250mL round buckets X2 ADAPTER 4X50ML CONICAL CULTURE TUBE IN S-4-72

Thermo Scientific™ Buckets and Lids for Thermo Scientific Sorvall™ Legend™ Mach 1.6™ 4-Place Swinging Bucket Rotor 75-002-000

For use with Sorvall Legend Mach 1.6/1.6R Centrifuges when equipped with 4-Place Swinging Bucket Rotor 75-002-000. Rechteckbecher 150 ml für Rotor TTH 400A&A+

Thermo Scientific™ Megafuge 16R Bioshield Clinical Centrifuge Package

Offers exceptional capacity, ergonomics and value. Megafuge 16R BIOShield Clinical Package