EVOS™ Vessel Holders

For flasks, trays and petri dishes HOLDS (4) 35 MM PETRI DISHES

EVOS™ Light Cubes

Light engine outputs remarkable intensity over a short light path that delivers superior fluorophore excitation LED LIGHT CUBE CFP

Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Karteikästen mit 14 Schubladen für Objektträger

Lagern Sie senkrecht bis zu 6.000 Objektträger der Größe 76 x 26 mm mit diesen Karteikästen mit 14 Schubladen für Objektträger. SLIDE CABINET BLUE

EVOS™ Vessel Holders and Stage Plates

EVOS™ vessel holders and stage plates fit a wide range of vessels, flasks, plates, dishes, and slides. VH NUNC T175

Fisherbrand™ Reinigungstuch für Linsen


Cole Parmer™ Nickel Plated Zink Hook Connector

Hook Connector, Nickel-plated zinc

Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for Carl Zeiss™ Stemi™ Stereomicroscopes

For Use with Carl Zeiss Stemi 1000 and 2000 Series Stereomicroscopes ZEISS STEMI 2000 + ADAPTER

Fisherbrand™ Kästen für Mikroskop-Objektträger mit nummerierten Schlitzen

Store and transport 25 or 100 slides safely with durable hinged cases. Fisherbrand™ Microscope Slide Boxes with Numbered Slots keeps standard microscope slides in secure slots that correspond to the numbered identification card. Stackable boxes close securely with latch lock. OBJEKTTRAEGERBOX PP ROT 25 OBJEKT.OBJEKT.

Fisherbrand™ Farbcodierte Objektträgerkästen aus ABS-Kunststoff

Store and transport 100 slides safely with durable ABS cases. Fisherbrand™ Colored ABS 100 Place Slide Boxes keep standard microscope slides in numbered, grooved slots. Provides safe, dust-free storage. Fisherbrand Premium Slide box, 100 Place, foam yellow

Thermo Scientific™ Objektträgerkästen aus Kunststoff

Bewahren Sie mit diesen haltbaren Kästen viele Objektträger auf nur wenig Raum auf. OBJEKTTRAEGERBOX M.50 TRAEGERNROT

Fisherbrand™ Microslide Cabinets

Store microscope slides with ease, speed, efficiency ORDNER 1 SCHUBL 400 OBJEKTTRAEGEROBJEKTTRAEGER

Coverglass Removal Tool

For use with CultureWell™ Chambered Coverglass for Cell Culture Coverglass Removal Tool

Cole Parmer™ Microscope Stage Micrometer

Microscope Stage Micrometer, 1 mm/0.01 mm scale

Fisherbrand™ Filter


Thermo Scientific™ Objektträgermappen aus Pappe

Lagern Sie bis zu 48 Objektträger der Größe 75 x 26 mm (3" x 1") in diesen Objektträgermappen aus Pappe. SlideFolder,Cardboard,20slide

EVOS™ Imaging System Accessory, Microscope Objectives

Components manufactured to ensure publication-quality images

Thermo Scientific™ Objektträgermappen aus Kunststoff

Lagern Sie Ihre Objektträger auf einfache Weise mit diesen Objektträgermappen aus Kunststoff, erhältlich in vielen Farben. X10 SLIDEFOLDER YELLOW PLASTIC

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylen-Box für Mikroskopobjektträger

Store and transport 25 slides safely with durable ABS cases. Fisherbrand™ Colored ABS 25 Place Slide Boxes keep standard microscope slides in numbered, grooved slots. Provides safe, dust-free storage. OBJEKTTRAEGERKASTEN ROT 25 OBJ.OBJ.

FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station

Affordable, user-friendly imaging solution for quick detection and verification of fluorescently-labeled samples FLOID CELL IMAGING STATION

Applied Biosystems™ FLoid™ Printer

Complete printer package for the FLoid Cell Imaging Station FLoid Printer, Paper Cartridge, Ink/Paper,1 Kit

Fisherbrand™ Objektträgerhalter

Index tabs on each holder for slide reference and classification OBJEKTTRAEGER HALTERUNG + BOXBOX

Fisherbrand™ Eyepiece Pair for Steddy Microscopes

Eyepiece Fisherbrand widefield 15x/13mm for FB6905

Fisher Scientific™ Etikettiergerät für das Labor

Easy-Peel™ perforation allows the label backing to be removed quickly and efficiently LAB LABEL MAKER

Jaece Jaece Objektträgerhalter

Chemical-resistant high-density polyethylene holder HALTERUNG FUER 77 OBJEKTTRAEGEROBJEKTTRAEGER

EVOS™ Microscope: Stage Top Plates

Stage top plates for EVOS microscopes Stage Top Plate FP=96Well Plate with Max. Objectiv

Fisherbrand™ Negative Lens

Lens Fisherbrand positive 1.5x decreases working

Fisherbrand™ Microscope eyepiece with cross line scale 0-10mm , 0.1mm accessory for FB69196 18mm micrometer single 10x Fisherbrand

EYEPIECE WITH CROSS LINE SCALE 0-10MM : 0.1MMaccessory for FB69196 18mm micrometer single10x