Rührwerkpropeller und -blätter

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Blade for Plain Shafts

Rührblatt, PTFE, rund, 65x25mmEINZIEHBAR

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Anchor Propeller Stirrer Shaft

Use with shaft guides for mixing high viscosity substances at slower speeds. The PTFE anchor stir shafts have a stainless-steel core. Ankerrührer, PTFE, Rührwelle 6x400mm, Rotor 80mm

Cole Parmer™ PTFE Steel Propeller


Fisherbrand™ PTFE Screw Propeller Stirrer Shaft

Use with shaft guides. The PTFE anchor stir shafts have a stainless-steel core. Propellerrührer, PTFE, 6x500mm, Rotor 50mm

Cole Parmer™ Lightning Stainless Steel Impeller


Fisherbrand™ PTFE Centrifugal Stirrer Shaft

Use with shaft guides for round vessels with narrow necks. The PTFE centrifugal stir shafts include blades that open during increasing speed, medium to high speeds are required. Zentrifugalrührer, PTFE, 400 x 6,0mm, Rotor 40mm

Cole Parmer™ Rührer-Propeller aus Edelstahl

Use these three-blade propellers alone or mount several on a single shaft for thorough agitation. Stainless Steel Mixer Propellers are ideal for general-purpose mixing. PROPELLER 3-BLATT EDELSTAHL 76X8MM76X8MM

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Shaft Stirrer, 4 Blade Adjustable Rotor

Propeller-Rührblatt, mit 4 Flügel 45°, für SchaftD=8mm, Rotor D=40mm

Stuart™ Stirrer Paddle Heads


Brand™ Stirrer Polypropylene Stirrer

Propellerrührer, PE-beschichtet, 6x380 mm4-flügelig Rotor D=45 mm

Brand™ Stirrer PTFE Stirrer

PTFE-Rührer, D=6 mm, L=500 mm, mit 2 beweglichenFlügel

Quickfit™ PTFE-Blatt

Use these PTFE blades for maximum resistance to chemical attack. Quickfit™ PTFE Blades can be pivoted on the glass shaft to allow passage through small apertures e.g. necks and sockets of Quickfit™ flasks. X5 PTFE Rührerblatt - Quickfit

IKA™ R 1402 Dissolver

R 1402 Dissolver D=42 mm, Volumenbe- reiche 1-30Ltr.

IKA™ Propeller Stirrer

R 2302 Propellerrührer, 4-flügelig, D=150 mm

Bohlender™ Bola PTFE/PEEK Propeller with 4 Blades

Propeller-Zusatzflügel, 4-flügelig, PTFE/ PEEK,Drm. 8 mm, A-Drm. 50mm

Lightnin™ High-Efficiency Axial Flow Impeller A-310


Caframo™ Pitched Blade Propeller

For use with any Caframo Overhead Stirrer Impeller pitched blade for Caframo overhead stirre

Bohlender™ Bola PTFE Propeller-Stirrer Shafts with 4 Blades

Propeller, vierflüglig, L=350mm, D=50mm,Rührwelle D=8mm

Kartell™ Rührblätter aus Polypropylen

Constructed of polypropylene and steel for strength, durability and chemical resistance. Kartel™ Polypropylene Stirring Paddles provide a sturdy variety of paddles to fit any stirring need. Rührer mit Rührblatt, U-förmig, PP, L=350mm,Welle D=8mm, Blatt L=65mm (VE=5)

Bochem™ 18/10 Stainless Steel Paddle Stirrers with 6 Holes

Flächenrührer mit 6 Löcher, 18/8 Stahl, L=300mm,D=70 mm, Wellendurchmesser 8mm

Schneider Gerd™ Stirrer Propeller

Propellerrührer 3 Flügel 300x6x50 mm

Caframo™ Stainless Steel Precision Dispersion Blade

Dispersion blade only with set of screws stainless

Caframo™ Straight Blade Impellers

Model A131 and A231 straight-blade impellers for use with Caframo overhead stirrers Demo Impeller straight blade stainless steel foroverhead stirrers 400mm lengthx 50mm dia head