Corning™ PCBA Repair Kit

PCBA Repair Kit, 5x7, Stir, 230Vnon-EU/not CE

Corning™ Overlay and Knob Repair Kit for Heat and Stir

Overlay and Knob Repair Kit, 10x10,Heat/Stir

Corning™ Overlay and Knob Repair Kit for Stir

Overlay and Knob Repair Kit, 10x10,Stir Only

Fisher Scientific™ Adjustable Jacobs Chuck

Jacobs chuck Fisherbrand adjustable 17mm to 9.5mm

Corning™ Overlay and Knob Repair Kit for Heat

Overlay and Knob Repair Kit, 10x10,Heat Only

Bohlender™ Bola PTFE-Rühr-Verschlüsse

Use these PTFE bearings with stainless steel, glass and BOLA Stirrer Shafts. Bohlender™ BOLA™ PTFE Stirrer Bearings feature a special gasket made of PTFE and an FPM O-ring which is compressed by a GL screw cap provide a good sealing of the stirrer shaft. This gasket can be exchanged after wearing. PTFE-Normschliff-Rührverschuß NS 19/26, D=8 mm,GL 25

IKA™ Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit board

IKA™ Friction Wheels

Reibrad zu RW20

Bohlender™ Bola PTFE-Spezialdichtungen

Use these special gaskets as spare parts for BOLA Glass Stirrer Bearings and BOLA Ultra Stirrer Bearings. BOLA™ Special Gaskets are easily exchangeable combination of PTFE gasket with FKM O-ring for PTFE shaft guides. Gaskets provide sealing of the stirrer shafts. ERSATZDICHTUNGEN F R BOLA-GT-R HRVERSCHL

IKA™ Abrasion Shaft


IKA™ End Caps


IKA™ Impeller

Lüfterrad Pos.5002 2850600

Caframo™ Stirrer Chuck

Chuck and key Set for BDC1850,BDC3030,BDC6015,BDC2002 or BDC2010

IKA™ Synthetic Housing

Plastic housing Eurostar power NCS 4040 R80B

IKA™ PCB Speed Control

Pcb speed control RE 162

IKA™ Countershaft Gear

1320100 Vorgelegezahnrad für RW47D

Heidolph™ Chuck Key

Spannfutter 8,0 für RZR 1

IKA™ Caseback


IKA™ Thumbscrew

Knurled screw

IKA™ Cone Pulley


Velp Scientifica™ Glass Bottle


IKA™ Chucks

Chuck 0472500 range 3 - 16mm

Heidolph™ Printed Circuit Board

Leiterplatte, PCB HRI-SMG 2000

HWS Labortechnik™ PTFE Torion Replacement Seal

Dichtungssatz für HWS-Rührverschluß, PTFE 2Lippendicht., 1 O-Ring, f. 10 mm-Wellen

KGW Isotherm™ PTFE Dynamic Seal Stirrer

Rührverschluß, TypRV 10/2910MM

Bochem™ Bola Aluminum Rod

Stativstange aus Aluminium, ohne Gewinde,LxD=750x12mm