Fisher Scientific™ Support Stands for Overhead Stirrerss

Universal clamp 9.5mm to 15.8mm dia Fisherbrand

Fisher Scientific™ Spider Support Stands for Overhead Stirrers

Able to clamp on the edge of pails, drums, square or rectangular tanks Spider support stand fits 208L drums Fisherbrand

Caframo™ Robuste Caframo™ Stative und Zubehörteile

Two stand styles for easy mounting of overhead stirrers SAFETY H-STAND WITH BASE,ROD, ALLEN KEY BASEepoxy coated zinc alloy, rod stainless steel for

IKA™ R1826 Plattenstativ

R 1827 Plattenstativ

IKA™ Fixing Device

SI 474 Halterung zur Befestigung desSicherheitsendschalters SI 400 an R 474

IKA™ Stativstab aus Edelstahl

Use this rod for all magnetic stirrers with M 10 threaded bushing. IKA™ Stainless Steel Support Rods feature robust AISI 304 stainless steel construction. H 16 V Stativstab für Magnetrührer mit M 10Gewindebüchse, D=10mm, Länge 450mm

IKA Works Eurostar Power Control-Visc P4 and P7 Stirrers Accessories: Telescopic Stand

Similar to H-Stand 14-259-039 (below, left), but with pneumatic spring stand rod which enables heavy instruments and attachments to be raised and lowered smoothly. R 2723 TeleskopstativCM

Caframo™ Petite stand only for Caframo overhead stirrers Caframo

Petite stand only for Caframo overhead stirrers

IKA™ Bracket

SI 472 Halterung zur Befestigung desSicherheitsendschalters SI 400 an R 472

IKA™ Pedestal Stand R 2723

Säule für Stativ R 2723

IKA™ Floor stand

Use this mobile floor stand for a variety of laboratory applications. IKA™ Floor Stands are specially designed for the overhead stirrer RW 47 digital and can be adapted for use with other instruments. R 472 Bodenstativ, fahrbarH2020MM

Caframo™ Heavy-Duty Stands and Component Parts: Support Rod

For use with Caframo Stirrer Lab Stand 14-500-2 Rod only for A110 stand for Caframo overheadstirrers 1219mm length

IKA™ Mobile Floor Stands

R 2850 FLOOR STAND, H 1900 MM