Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ 201/220 UV-Vis-Spektrophotometer

2011 R&D 100 Award-Preisträger. Optimieren Sie Ihre Analysen und bringen Sie Vielseitigkeit sowie Produktivität in Ihr Labor – mit den neuen Thermo Scientific™ Evolution 201 und 220 UV-Vis-Systemen. Evolution 201 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer,

Lovibond™ Non Contact Spectrophotometer NC45 Lovibond

Allows sample measurements from a distance, eliminating surface distortion caused by contact based measurement methods Non Contact Spectrophotometer NC45 Lovibond


Use with MC500, MD600, SC450, MD100 colorimeters, SP600 spectrophotometer, Pool Control 9, AquaPRO3 Pool and AquaPRO6 Pool photometers and Scuba IIElectronic Pool Tester 100TAB DPD 1 Tablets Blister Pack (Pack of 100)

Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ 260 Bio UV-Vis-Spektrophotometer

Das Thermo Scientific™ Evolution 260 Spektrophotometer bietet eine zuverlässige qualitativ hochwertige Leistung und verbesserte Benutzerfreundlichkeit. Evolution 260Bio Spectrophotometer, Local-Control,

Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ 30 Visible Spectrophotometer

Perform both basic and complex analyses with the Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ 30 Visible Spectrophotometer, an intuitive, reliable solution for education or in the lab. GENESYS 30 VIS Spectrophotometer with UK Power Cable

Lovibond™ LC 100 Hand-Held Imaging Spectrophotometer

Creates conformance reports in either PDF or Excel formats that can easily be shared with PC or compatible printer Spectrocolorimeter LC100 Lovibond

Lovibond™ PFXi-880 Series Spectrophotometers

With RCMSi technology (Remote Calibration & Maintenance Service) for remote calibration and servicing via internet without leaving benchtop Colorimeter PFXi-880/CIE + RCMSi Pack

Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ 60S UV-Vis-Spektrophotometer

Das Thermo Scientific™ Evolution 60S UV-Vis-Spektrophotometer bietet herausragende Leistung und Flexibilität für Routine- und Forschungsanwendungen. X1 Evolution 60S UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AquaMate 8000 UV-Vis-Spektrophotometer

Erweitern Sie Ihr Labor mit einem UV-Vis-Spektrophotometer mit 260 vorprogrammierten Methoden für Ionenkonzentrations-Ergebnisse der Absorption sowie Wellenlängenscannen und Erstellung von kundenspezifischen Methoden.

Spectrophotometer Aquamate 8000 UV-visible-190nm to 1100nm wavelength range dual beam

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AquaMate 7000 Vis Spektrophotometer

Entscheiden Sie sich bei der Optimierung ihrer Wasser- und Abwassertests für die Genauigkeit, Zuverlässigkeit und Benutzerfreundlichkeit des Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AquaMate 7000 VIS Spektralphotometers. Spectrophotometer Aquamate 7000 visible- 325nm to 1100nm wavelength range single beam

Thermo Scientific SPECTRONIC™ 200 Spektrophotometer

Das Thermo Scientific™ SPECTRONIC™ 200 ist der neue Standard für robuste, benutzerfreundliche Vis-Spektrophotometer für Schulungs- und Routineanwendungen. Ersatz-Wolframlampe für Spectronic 200200

Lovibond™ DPD Nr. 3 Tabletten, Blisterpackung, VE=100 Stück

For use with MC500, MD600, SC450, MD100 colorimeters, SP600 spectrophotometer, Pool Control 9, AquaPRO3 Pool and AquaPRO6 Pool photometers and Scuba II Electronic Pool Tester. DPD Nr. 3 Tabletten, Blisterpackung, VE=100 Stück

Biochrom™ GeneQuant™ 1300 Spectrophotometers

Can be used with a wide variety of cuvettes or capillaries for sample volumes from 3μL to 2mL GeneQuant 1300 with Bluetooth


For use with Novaspec Plus Visible Spectrophotometer. LAMP ASSEMBLY TUNGSTEN

GE Healthcare SD Card accessory

For use with NanoVue Plus Spectrophotometer SD Card accessory

Biochrom™ GeneQuant™ 100 Spectrophotometers

Relevant parameters are calculated automatically and displayed at the touch of a button on a large display GeneQuant 100 with printer (Classic colour)

Biochrom™ Ultrospec™ 8000 Dual Beam UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

Designed to meet the requirements of critical analysis and users in Pharmacopoeia research environments Ultrospec 8000 with bluetooth

Biochrom™ Ultrospec™ 7000 Spectrophotometer

Ultrospec 7000 UV-Visible Spectrophotometermit Drucker

GE Healthcare Accessories for NanoVue™ Plus Spectrophotometer

For use with NanoVue Plus Spectrophotometer Lower Sample plate Kit

GE Healthcare Kalibrierlösung für NanoVue Plus Spektralfotometer

Uracil solution in Sodium Azide Pathlength Calibration Fluid KitKIT

GE Healthcare Ultrospec™ 8000 Spectrophotometer

Ultrospec 9000 with bluetooth & printer



Biochrom™ Spectrophotometer Novaspec Pro

Designed for general biotech laboratory use, this spectrophotometer is lightweight and easy to use. The Biochrom™ Novaspec Pro Spectrophotometer features a small footprint and rugged lightweight construction, ideal for laboratories where space is at a minimum. Spectrophotometer Novaspec Pro

GE Healthcare Ultrospec™ 2100 pro UV/Spektrophotometer im sichtbaren Bereich

Simple-to-use instrument for nucleic acid measurements and enzyme kinetics ULTROSPEC 2100 PRO (CLASSIC)

BioTek™ Epoch™ 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer

Fully contained workstation offers a variety of data output options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB flash drive. BioTek Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer is a compact, monochromator-based microplate spectrophotometer combines modern touchscreen technology with excellent performance for UV-Vis measurements in 6- to 384-well microplates, cuvettes and in micro-volume samples with the available Take3™ plate. Epoch EPOCH2T 200-999 nm, T control to 65 ºC, shaking,Touchscreen. Gen5 TS soft installed

BioTek™ Epoch Plattenreader Mikroplatten Spektralphotometer für

Offers budget-friendly, advanced detection capabilities. BioTek Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer is an optical reader which provides precise UV/Vis measurements in one compact, highly versatile unit. Epoch PlattenreaderMikroplatten Spektralphotometer für


BioStack and 3rd party automation capability available. MULTIVOLUME SPECTRO EPOCHAGITE