SPEX™ SamplePrep Zubehör für Mixer/Mill™ der Serie 8000

For use with 8000D and 8000M Mixer/Mills Round ended hardened steel vial set 35ml, 60 x76mm, caps and balls



IKA™ Universelle Labormühle

Grinds hard and brittle substances up to 250 ml with a fixed speed of 20000 rpm. IKA™ Universal Batch Mill has two grinding chambers that can be alternately operated using one drive. M 21 blade included with delivery. M 20 Universalmühle,Mahlkammer doppelwandig, inkl. Schläger M21, 230V

RETSCH PM 100 Mahlkugeln für Planeten-Kugelmühle

For use with Retsch PM 100 and PM 200 Planetary Ball Mills Mahlkugeln für PM 400, S 100, aus Zirkonoxid,D=10 mm

RETSCH MM 400 Mixer Mills: Grinding Balls

For use with MM 400 Mixer Mills Mahlkugeln für PM 400, S 100, aus Stahl D=30 mm

Retsch™ Probenverteiler PT 100

Ensure the representativeness of a sample and the reproducibility of the analysis with these sample dividers. Retsch™ PT 100 Model Sample Dividers divide the sample so exactly that the composition of each fraction of the sample corresponds exactly to that of the original bulk sample. PT 100 complete unit, 110-120 V, 60 Hz

IKA™ A 11.2 Schneidmesser von weichem und faserigen Mahlgüter

A 11.2 Schneidmesser von weichem und faserigenMahlgüter

Retsch™ Planeten-Kugelmühle PM 100 230V, 50/60Hz, mit 1 Mahlstelle

Use planetary ball mills wherever the highest degree of fineness is required. Retsch™ PM 100 Model Planetary Ball Mills meet all technical requirements for colloidal grinding and provide the energy input necessary for mechanical alloying. PM 100 is a convenient benchtop model with 1 grinding station. Planeten-Kugelmühle PM 100 230V, 50/60Hz, mit 1Mahlstelle

RETSCH ZM200 Ultra Centrifugal Mill: Distance Sieves

Für temperaturempfindliche Materialien Ringsieb ZM200 rostfreier Stahl, mit verstärktemRand, Conidurlochung 0,50 mm

RETSCH Mahlkugeln für Schwingmühlen

Stainless steel grinding balls for use in mixer mills Mahlkugeln aus Stahl, für Schwingmühlen D=20 mm

Retsch™ Backenbrecher, Modell BB 200

BB 200 mit Brechbacken aus rostfreiem Stahl, mitDrehstrommotor

IKA™ Analyse-Batch-Mühle

Grinds hard, brittle, soft and fibrous materials. IKA™ Analytical Batch Mill allows samples to be embrittled directly in the grinding chamber, tough, oily and aqueous samples can also be ground. Available models include the newly redesigned A 10 Basic and the A 11 Basic. Analytical mill 120mm x 225mm x 105mm A10 IKA

Retsch™ MM 400 Mischermühle

Developed specially for dry, wet, and cryogenic grinding of small amounts of sample. The MM 400 Mixer Mill provides powerful grinding by impact and friction, up to 30 Hz for up to 20 samples per run. The degree of mixing can be increased even further by using several smaller balls. Schwingmühle, Typ MM 400, für 110-240 Volt, 50/60Hz

RETSCH Knife Mill Grindomix GM300 Accessories: Grinding Containers

Accessories for Knife Mill Grindomix GM300. Cutting container of stainless steel, autoclavable, 5 litre, without knife holder

RETSCH ZM200 Ultra Centrifugal Mill: Ring Sieves

Edelstahlsiebe zur Verwendung mit der ZM200 Ultra-Zentrifugalmühle SS SIEVE 0,2MM REINFORCED RIM

Retsch™ Ultra-Zentrifugalmühle ZM 200, mit Kassette 900 ml, 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Ensure the gentle preparation of analytical samples in a very short time. Retsch™ ZM 200 Model Ultra-Centrifugal Mills are versatile instruments that can be easily adapted to varying applications. Ultra-Zentrifugalmühle ZM 200, mit Kassette 900ml, 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Retsch™ Rotationsprobenverteiler PT 200

PT 200 drive unit 100-240 V, 50/60Hz

Retsch™ Planeten-Schnellmühle PM 400, für 220-230 V, 50-60 Hz, mit 4 Mahlstellen

Use planetary ball mills wherever the highest degree of fineness is required. Retsch™ PM 400 Model Planetary Ball Mills meet all technical requirements for colloidal grinding and provide the energy input necessary for mechanical alloying. PM 400 is a robust floor model with 4 grinding stations. Planeten-Schnellmühle PM 400, für 220-230 V,50-60 Hz, mit 4 Mahlstellen

SPEX CertiPrep™ Geno/Grinder 2010 Homogenisator für den Zellaufschluss

Geno/Grinder 2010 Homogenisator für denZellaufschluss

Retsch™ Ersatzmesser aus Edelstahl

Rotates in the center of Grindomixer GM 200 grinding container. Retsch™ Stainless Steel Spare Knife performs both size reduction and fine grinding depending on the rotational direction. The knife is indirectly driven by a powerful motor of 900 W. Messer GM 200, rostfreier Stahl

Retsch™ Staubfilter

Staubfilter mit Spannringen für Ringfilter


Designed for processing foods and feeds for subsequent NIR analysis. Retsch™ Cyclone Mill Twister optimizes the reproducible sample preparation to NIR analysis, allowing for meaningful and reliable analysis results. CYCLONE MILL TWISTER

Retsch™ Mahleinsatz aus Gusseisen

Mahleinsatz aus Gusseisen

IKA™ MF 10.2 Prallmahlkopf bis Mooshärte 6 Umfangsgeschwindigkeit 31,4m/s,

Crush brittle, hard materials such as minerals and building materials up to Mohs hardness 6. IKA™ MF 10.2 Impact Grinding Head is easily interchangeable, ideal for a variety of applications. MF 10.2 Prallmahlkopf bis Mooshärte 6

RETSCH Behälter für FGM 200 Schneidmühlen

Glasbehälter 1 Liter, für Grindomix

Retsch™ Mahl-Sets aus Wolframkarbid


Sartorius™ Halter für Gefäß 8531951 sowie für Behälter 8531889,8531960 und 8531944

HÅLLARE FÖR 20ML SKAK- FLASKOR 8331951X1 Holder for 20ml Shaking Flasks