Elektrophorese für Ausbildung und Unterricht

Molecular Probes™ PRO-Q™ Diamond Phosphoprotein Gel Destaining Solution

Eliminates the need for blotting or phosphoprotein specific antibodies and Western blot analysis PRO-Q(R) DIAMOND PHOSPHOPPro-Q Diamond phosphoprotein gel stain provides a

Invitrogen™ Novex™ XCell SureLock™ Replacement Parts

For the XCell SureLock Mini Blot Module Buffer Dam for XCell SureLock and XCell II(tm)

FisherBiotech™ Spacers for FB-GC10-1 Vertical Gel Caster

Spacers for use with FB-GC10-1 Vertical Gel Caster. SPACER 5MM 10X10CM 0,8MM

Invitrogen™ E-Gel™ 96 Agarose Gels, 1%

Bufferless, precast gels designed for fast, high-throughput DNA electrophoresis E-GEL 96 1% 8-PAK

Thermo Scientific™ phiX174 DNA/BsuRI (HaeIII) Marker, ready-to-use

Size and approximately quantify small double-stranded DNA fragments in agarose and non-denaturing polyacrylamide gels. Premixed with Loading Dye for direct loading onto gel. PHIX174 DNA/BSURI RTU 50UG

Fisher BioReagents™ Molecular Weight Markers

Suitable for determining the size of DNA fragments Oligonucleotide sizing markers

Invitrogen™ Novex™ iBlot™ Nitrocellulose Transfer Stack

iBlot Transfer Stacks are used to transfer proteins IBLOT TRANSFER STACKS REG 3X

Invitrogen™ Novex™ ZOOM™ IPG Strips pH 6.1-7.1

Take advantage of oil-free, trouble-free isoelectric focusing (IEF) X12 Strip Invitrogen(tm) ZOOM(r) pH 6.1-7.1 (packZOOM® IPG Strips allow you to take advantage of

Agarose (Protein Electrophoresis Grade), Fisher BioReagents

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Agarose CAS.: 9012-36-6 Reinheitsgrad: Protein Electrophoresis Anmerkungen zum Reinheitsgrad: DNase- and RNase-Free Physikalische Form: Powder/Solid Summenformel: C12H18O9 Molare Masse: 306.12 25GR Agarose, high gelling temperature, Protein Electrophoresis Grade

FisherBiotech™ Horizontal Large Gel Systems: Marker

Preparative/marker for 1.5mm comb KAMM PREPARATIV 1,5MM A2/A5A2/A5

Invitrogen™ Novex™ TBE Gels, 4-20%, 15 well

Provide exceptionally high resolution for analyzing restriction digests and PCR products X10 TBE gel Invitrogen(tm) Novex(r) 15 well formatNovex® TBE Gels provide the highest resolution

Invitrogen™ E-Gel™ 96 Agarose Gels, 2%

Bufferless, precast gels designed for fast, high-throughput DNA electrophoresis E-GEL 96 2% 8-PAK

Thermo Scientific™ PageRuler™ Plus vorgefärbte Proteinleiter (10-250 kDa)

Mixture of 9 blue-, orange- and green-stained proteins (10 to 250kDa) used as size standards in protein electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and Western blotting. PAGERULER PLUS PRESTAINEDPROTEIN

Thermo Scientific™ O'RangeRuler 100 bp DNA Ladder, Ready-to-Use 100-1500 bp

Perform precise sizing of PCR products and other double-stranded DNA fragments in agarose or non-denaturing polyacrylamide gels with this DNA step ladder of 100 bp increments. O'RANGERULER 100BP 25UG

Invitrogen™ SYBR™ Green II RNA Gel Stain, 10,000X concentrate in DMSO

SYBR Green II RNA Gel Stain, 10,000X concentratein DMSO, 500 µl

Fisher BioReagents™ EZ-Run™ Protein Gel Staining Solution

Ready-to-use solution for highly sensitive staining of proteins separated in polyacrylamide gels 1LT EZ Run protein gel staining solution

Thermo Scientific™ GeneRuler™ 50 bp DNA-Leiter

Perform sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA on agarose gels with this mixture of chromatography-purified individual DNA fragments. X5 GENERULER 50BP 50UG

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Value Tris-Glycine Gels

Great value-based tris-glycine precast protein gel balancing performance and price. X20 4-20% Tris-Glycine Mini Gels, 1.0 mm, 10-well

Fisherbrand™ Vertical Gel Tank

Incorporates a sealing system which is compatible with all major types of 80mm x 100mm and 100mm x 100mm precast gel. Fisherbrand™ Vertical Gel Tank's ultra soft silicone seals and pressure bars which surround the glass plates guarantee leak proof gel casting. Complete system for Mini Wide VerticalElectrophoresis & Blotting including: Vertical

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EasyCast™ B1 Mini Gel Electrophoresis System Combs

Eliminate comb assembly with this assortment of heavy-duty one-piece combs, for use with the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EasyCast™ B1 Mini Gel Electrophoresis System. KAMM 1MM 5 TASCHEN 27633/2763427633/27634

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ C2-S Micro Electrophoresis System

Screen up to seven samples on one gel in less than five minutes with the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ C2-S Micro Electrophoresis System. ELECTROPHORESIS SYSTEM C2 POLYWOg(tm) complete Microgel, gel approx 50mm (w) x

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ Ersatzteile für™ EasyCast B2 und B3 Mini Gel Systeme

Thermo Scientific™ EasyCast Mini Gel-Systeme bieten hervorragende Flexibilität bei äußerst geringer Stellfläche. DICHTUNG 12X14CM FUER 27663/4/27663/4/5

Invitrogen™ Novex™ 10X Bolt™ Sample Reducing Agent

Optimized for use with Bolt™ Bis-Tris Plus gels, and are available in a variety of formats 10 ML BOLT SAMPLE REDUCING AGENT

Invitrogen™ SYBR™ Photographic Filter

Optimal filtration for photographing gels SYBR Photographic Filter, 1 fi Ler

Invitrogen™ Novex™ 10% Tris-Glycine Midi Protein Gels, 12+2 well, with Adapters

Polyacrylamide gels based on traditional Laemmli protein electrophoresis Novex 10% Tris-Glycine Midi Gels 12+2 Well withadapters, 1 box/10 gels

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ RNA Century™-Plus RNA Markers

A set of seven in vitro transcripts of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 750, and 1000 bases RNA CENTURY(TM)-PLUS MARKERS

Cole Parmer™ Horizontal Mini-gel Unit


Invitrogen™ E-Gel™ 96 Gels with SYBR Safe™ DNA Gel Stain, 2%

Less hazardous E-Gel® 96 2% with SYBR® Safe, 8?pack

Thermo Scientific™ GeneRuler 100 bp DNA-Leiter, gebrauchsfertig, 100 bis 1000 bp

Perform sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA on agarose or polyacrylamide gels. X5 GENERULER 100BP RTU 50UG