EMD Millipore Replacement Membranes with Pads for EMD Millipore Fluid Contamination Analysis Monitors

Has thick absorbent pad for liquid monitoring MCE .8U WH PL 37MM W/PAD 100PK37MM+PUFFE

EMD Millipore Durapore™ Membrane Filter

Strength, flexibility, and broad chemical compatibility for critical biological separations Membranfilter, Durapore, 5µm, D=90mm (VE=50Stck.)

BrandTech™ Filtermembran

Used with seripettor™ / QuikSip™ / accu-jet™ pro macro pipet controllers. BRAND™ Filter Membranes are available in 3μL capacity and provided in blister pack packaging. Ersatz-Membranfilter 3 µm für macro-Pipettierhelfer

EMD Millipore Membrane Filter Refills and Alternatives

For 37mm monitor Membranfilter MCE-MF, 0,45µm, ohne Auf- druck,D=37mm (VE=100Stck.)

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Fritware™ Porous Polyethylene Sheets

Supplied in medium or coarse porosity FRITWARE SHEET PE POROUS MEDIUM GRADE

Whatman™ Elutrap™ Electroelution Membranes

Designed to isolate nucleic acids and proteins from agarose or polyacrylamide gel slices ELUTRAP BT-2 MB S 100PK26X19X26

GE Osmonics™ Polycarbonate Membrane

Ideal for particle identification by microscopy X100 MB PC NOIR 0,2µM 47MM