Fisherbrand™ Dünnwandige Röhren aus Kalknatronglas

Manufactured from soda lime glass, this soda lime glass light walled tubing are ideal in laboratory, scientific research, and other environments. TUBING,SODA,L/WALL,0.5M X 10MM VE=50 Stück

Fisherbrand™ Dünnwandige Schläuche

Having lengths of approx 1.5m in handy pack quantities, these light wall tubing instruments are ideal in laboratory and scientific research environments. X40 GLASROHR DUENN D6MM 1MM DICK

Pyrex™ Gasverteilungsrohr

Disperse gas in liquids to produce the optimum bubble size.  PyrexTM gas distribution tubes come in a variety of porosities. X2 PYREX GAS DISP: ROERCH D15 P2

SVL™ Gewinderohre aus Glas


Quickfit™ Plain Digestion Tubes

For use with block heaters X5 250 ML DIGESTION TUBE, 5/CS, MA: TT250/42

SVL™ Gewinderohre aus Glas

X10 Tube junction 165mm x 44.1mm 3.2mm wall thickness SVL

Pyrex™ Quickfit™ Arsenbestimmungsapparat

Constructed of borosilicate glass. Pyrex™ Arsenic Determination Apparatus provides a method of analysis for arsenic and antimony determination. ARSENIC DETERMINATION APPARATUS

Quickfit™ Aufschlussröhrchen aus Borosilikatglas

Designed for use with blockheaters X5 75ML DIGESTION TUBE

Quickfit™ Destillierbrücke mit Tropfenfänger

 Recieve distillate from a condenser.  The QuickFitTM distillation splash head reduces the risk of raw liquid entering into the vapor stream. DESTILL KOPF WINKEL 19/2619/26

Azlon™ Gas Delivery Tube

Polypropylene construction. Azlon™ Gas Delivery Tube are ideal substitutes for fragile glass alternatives. X5 DELIVERY TUBE BUNG TOP PP

Quickfit™ Anschlussstück, vertikal und mit Tropfenfänger

Splash head vertical borosilicate glass 19/26 socket 24/29 cone

Heidolph™ 1M Tygon STND Meterware 6,3/1,6 mm .

1M Tygon STND Meterware 6,3/1,6 mm

Fisherbrand™ Kapillarbohrungsschlauch aus Borosilikatglas

Features great mechanical strength and low coefficient of expansion. Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Capillary Bore Tubing is highly resistant to chemical and thermal shock. GLASKAPILLAR AD6MM ID0,8MM6MM/0,8MM

Quickfit™ Gebogener Vakuumvorstoß mit Tropfenfänger

Splash head splash head sloping borosilicate glass 19/26 cone


Dilatometer body borosilicate glass 14/23 socket

SVL™ Gewinderohre aus Glas