Glasleitungsverbinder und -zubehör

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Joint Adapter

Creates high vacuum with sealing rings, negating the need for grease. Cowie Technology™ PTFE Joint Adapter are autoclavable and reusable. ADAPTER TYP B PTFE 34/35 vit 29/32 FP=2

Fisherbrand™ Pure Low Density PTFE Thread Seal Tape

Prevents leaks to ensure a proper seal when connecting items, such as a pressure gauge to an adaptor X12 PTFE Tape, 1" x 600"

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Joint Adapter

X2 ADAPTER SOCKET PTFE 19/26 SOCKET24/29 cone (pack of 2)

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, B-length for Europe

Inserts between standard ground glass joints to eliminate the use of grease. Fisherbrand™ PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, B-length for Europe is suitable for low or medium vacuum. Einmal-Schliffmanschette, PTFE,für NS60/46

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Thick Wall Sleeve, B-length for Europe

Insert between standard ground glass joints to eliminate the use of grease. The PTFE thick wall sleeve is B-length for Europe and is suitable for high vacuum. X2 SLEEVE PTFE 55/44 JOINT (PACK OF 2)

Kimble™ Kontes™ 90° Hose Inlet Adapter

Fits 0.375 in. ID tubing ADAPTER GAS INLET 24/40

Afora™ Straight Receiver Adapter


Kimble™ Kontes™ Bevel-Seal™ Inlet Adapter

For use with pipets, syringes, or other small items with outer diameters from 0.06 to 0.62 in. (2 to 17mm) ADAPTATER UNIV 5-8MM 24/40

Fisherbrand™ Reduction Adapters For High Vacuum Grease-Free Glass Joints

X5 ADAPTER REDUCTION HIGH VACUUM GREASE-FREE FORglass joints PTFE 280C max temperature socket

Kimble™ Kontes™ Glass Plug Gas Balloon Adapters

With #1 hose connection ADAPTER GAS BALLOON 24/40

Brand™ PTFE Ground Joint Sleeves

X10 Schliffmanschette PLASTIBRAND PTFE f. NS 14/23 dünnwandig

Brand™ PTFE Ground Sockets

Constructed of PTFE. BRAND™ Ground Sockets with greaseless seal will not contaminate sample. Outstanding chemical resistance at operating temperatures from -200 to +260°C. Grip collar and sealing rings provide an oustanding tight seal and low leakage rate. Sturdy design allows permanent use. Schliffhülse, PTFE, NS 19/26, mit Griffbund undDichtringen

SVL™ Torion Joints


Quickfit™ Vakuumvorstoß

Receiver adapter borosilicate glass vertical vacuum type

Quickfit™ Reduzierstück mit Hülsenschliff

Made of borosilicate glass. Pyrex Labware™ Quickfit™ Reduction Socket Adapter connects large sized ground glass joints with smaller sized ones.  ADAPTER,REDUCTION,SOCKET SIZE24/29,CONE SIZE 45/40

Brand™ Schliffmanschetten

Manufactured from PTFE. BRAND™ Ground Joint Sleeves fit perfectly without a protruding rim to simplify use of joint clips. Greaseless seal will not contaminate sample. Outstanding chemical resistance at operating temperatures from -200 to 260°C. X10 Schliffmanschette, PLASTIBRAND, PTFE für NS29/32, dünnwandig

Pyrex™ Gooch Crucible Adapter


SVL™ Polypropylene Clamps


Quickfit™ Borosilikatglas-Tauchrohr mit Filterplatte für Waschflasche nach Drechsel

 Disperse gas into bubbles with QuckFitTM sintered boroscilicate glass tubes designed to fit a range of QuickFitTM Deschel bottles.  Tubes come in a variety of porosity for fine control over bubble size. SINTER DRESCHEL BTLE HD165MMPORO2

Duran™ Skirted Finished Long Ground Cones

Langschliff-Kern, mit Ablauf, NS 18,8/38

Duran™ Autoclavable Glass Screw-Thread Tubes With USP Standard

X10 Gewinderohr mit Kern, GL 18, NS14,5/23

Duran™ Glass Standard Sockets

Hülse, geschliffen, NS 5/13

Duran™ Glass Conical Joint Clips

Hülsen, geschliffen NS 14.5/23

Duran™ Glass Stopper Type Adapters

Übergangsstücke in Stopfenform, Hülse NS 24/29,Kern NS 29,2/32

Duran™ Ball Form Spherical Joints

Kugelschliff-Kugel, KS 51/30