Spezialkondensatoren [Glas]

Afora™ Liebig Condenser


Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Allihn-Kühler


Quickfit™ Liebigkühler aus Borosilikatglas

Popular water-jacketed condenser suitable for distillation and reflux applications. The Quickfit Corosilicate Glass Liebig Condenser hase a detachable plastic screwthread connectors for hosing. CONDENSER LIEBIG 24/29

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Condensers with Cone and Socket

Liebigkühler mit Kern und Hülse NS 14/23 Länge250 mm, mit Oliven, Boro 3.3

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Glass GL 14 Thread Dimroth Condensers

Dimroth-Kühler, Kern/Hülse NS14/23, 160mm,Kunstst.-Oliven m. GL 14 Schraubkappen

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Kondensatoren

Liebigkühler, Kern / Hülse NS14/23, 160mm,Kunstst.-Oliven m. GL 14 Schraubkappen

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Glass Dimroth Condensers

Dimroth-Kühler, Kern u. Hülse NS 19/26 Länge 160mm, Boro 3.3

Duran™ Bulb Condenser

Kugelkühler, L=400 mm

Duran™ Liebig Condenser

Liebig-Kühler, L=250 mm

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ K&H Intensivkühler aus Glas


Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Allihn Condensers with Cone

Allihn-Kühler mit Kern, Wasseranschluß GL 14 45/40

Quickfit™ Davies-Kühler mit doppelter Kühlfläche aus Borosilikatglas

Constructed of Pyrex™ Borosilicate Glass. Quickfit™ Borosilicate Glass Double Surface Davies Condenser is highly efficient with a large cooling surface. The inner cooling surface prevents vibration with use of the “baffle” effect, while the outer cooling surface prevents “creep” with low boiling point liquids. Includes detachable plastic screw thread connectors for easy and safe tubing attachment. Condenser double surface davies borosilicate glass 24/29 cone

Duran™ Dimroth Condenser

Dimroth-Kühler, L=400 mm

Quickfit™ Schlangenkühler aus Borosilikatglas

Supplied with detachable plastic screwthread connectors which allow 9mm flexible tubing to be fitted easily and safely. Quickfit™ Borosilicate Glass Condenser Coil with Ground Cone and Socket is a highly efficient condenser with a large cooling surface. Suitable for either reflux or distillation work. CONDENSER COIL 320MMMM 19/26

Duran™ Coil Distillate Condenser

Schlangenkühler, L=300 mm

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Glass Coil Condensers

Intensivkühler m. Kühlspirale u. -mantelHülse/Kern NS29/32, Länge 250mm, Glasolive

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Glass Dimroth Condensers For Extractors

Dimroth-Kühler mit Kern NS 29/32, 30 ml Boro 3.3

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Glass Spiral Condensers

Schlangenkühler, Kern u. Hülse NS 29/32 L=250mm,Boro 3.3, mit Kunststoff-Olive

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Intensivkühler aus Glas

Intensivkühler, Kern/Hülse NS29/32, 250mm,Kunstst.-Oliven m. GL 14 Schraubkappen

Duran™ Jacketed Coil Condenser

Intensivkühler, L=250 mm

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Glass GL Thread Coil Condensers

Intensivkühler, Kern/Hülse NS29/32, 400mm,Kunstst.-Oliven m. GL 14 Schraubkappen

Quickfit™ Grahamkühler aus Borosilikatglas

Constructed of Borosilicate Glass. Quickfit™ Borosilicate Glass Inland Revenue Condenser is highly efficient. Vapour and distillate move down through the coil while coolant water flows outside the coil. Complete with detachable plastic hose connectors for the easy and safe attachment of flexible tubing. INLAND REVENUE CONDENSER PYREX GLASS 200MM SOCKET& CONE 24/29 (C6/13/SC)

Quickfit™ Intensivkühler aus Borosilikatglas

Complies with DIN 12593. Quickfit™ Borosilicate Glass Jacketed Coil Condenser has an outer water jacket which provides a large cooling surface. Jacket avoids vapour creeping around the coil. Ideal for reflux work. REFRIGERANTE

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Duran™ Glass GL 14 Thread Dimroth Condenser with Two Threads

Dimroth-Kühler f. Extraktionsapp., Kern NS 45/40,Kunstst.-Oliven GL 14 Schraubk.

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Condensers with Core and Sleeve

Liebig-Kühler, mit Kern und Hülse, WasseranschlußGL 14 19/26

BUCHI™ Glass Condensers

Sleek cold-trap glass condenser PIEGE A FROID CPL.