Tropfpipetten [Glas]

Hecht Karl™ Kippautomaten ohne Flasche 5 mll

Kippautomaten ohne Flasche 5 mll

Jaytec Glass™ Glass Dropping Pipets with Teat

Includes natural rubber cap to assist in retrieving and dispensing liquid/media. Jaytec Glass&trade Glass Dropping Pipets with Teat are available with our without graduations. X12 PIPETTES,DROPPING WITH TEAT, 2ML (PACK OF 12)

Hecht Karl™ Pipette für Tropfflaschen

Pipette fur Tropfflaschen für Flaschen, 30 ml

Alpha Packaging™ Pipettenmontur 51mm. f.Flasche 5 ml

Pipettenmontur 51mm. f.Flasche 5 ml