Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ autoklavierbare Polypropylen-Wannen

Mit den strapazierfähigen autoklavierbaren Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylen-Wannen können Sie wiederholt Instrumente und Laborgeräte autoklavieren. Sterilisationswanne, 3,1 l PP

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Nesting Tray Set

Use the Buerkle™ Polypropylene Nesting Tray Set in the laboratory. This set of trays is not suitable for temperature controlled cupboards or dishwashers and is temperature resistant up to +60°C (briefly up to +80°C.) Laborschalen/ Auffangwannen Set (6er Set, 0,5-39l)

Kartell™ Fotoschalen aus PVC, mit Bodenrillen

Stapelbar dank abgeschrägter Seiten. Kartell™ Fotoschalen aus PVC, mit Bodenrillen, haben für fotografische Zwecke Rillen im Boden. Fotoschale PVC, mit Rillen, 675x540x100 mm

Buerkle™ Labor-Auffangwannen

Suited for environmentally dangerous aggressive substances, for laboratory work, as an etching tray, an instrument holder, a medicine tray, for photographic development, as a sample presentation tray or a display tray for foodstuffs. Buerkle™ Spill Trough Laboratory Trays are practical, all-purpose trays that can be nested when empty, and are durable, shatterproof and resist flexing. Laborschale, PP weiß, innen LxB 500x700 mm, 39 l

Kartell™ Autoklavierbares Tablett aus Polypropylen

Manufactured with polypropylene for strength and durability. Kartell™ Input Trays are autoclavable and useful for holding different sized bottles on a benchtop. deep tray PP 500x350x110mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ große Sterilisationswannen aus Polypropylen

Trocknen und sterilisieren Sie Instrumente und Laborartikel mit den Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ großen Sterilisationswannen aus Polypropylen. Sterilisationswanne, 9,5 l PP, rechteckigAUTO

Buerkle™ Instrumententablett

Provides clean storage of instruments, equipment, goods and precision parts. Buerkle™ Instrument Servers are constructed of sturdy melamine resin and are autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes. Instrumententablett, Melamin, LxBxH 428x288x17 mm

MFG Tray Chemikalienbeständige Tabletts und Schalen für vielseitige Zwecke

Ideal for soaking, cleaning, autoclaving, storing or carrying lab products and containing spills CHEMICAL RESISTANT TRAY - 18'

VITLAB™ Laborschalen aus Polyvinylchlorid

Manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride. VITLAB™ Polyvinyl Chloride Laboratory Dishes are all purpose. Laborschale, PVC, weiß, Bodenmaß innen 200x150mm,H=50mm

Bochem™ Instrumentenschale aus Edelstahl

Instrumentenschale mit Deckel, 18/8 Stahl,500x200x80 mm

VITLAB™ Polypropylen-Tablett

Store, carry and organize a variety of lab and office supplies. VITLAB™ PVC Trays are constructed of white PVC for a durable and economical storage option. These molded plastic dishes have rounded edges and are easy to clean. Available in several sizes. Laborschale, PVC, weiß, Bodenmaß innen 520x420mm,H=95mm

Bochem™ Labortablett aus Edelstahl

Manufactured by Bochem™, the Stainless Steel Laboratory Tray is useful for containing and carrying items used for experimentation in the lab. Fotoschale 18/8 Stahl, 400x270x80 mm

Kartell™ Stoßfestes Tablett aus Polystyrol

Suitable for food stuff and general laboratory use. tray high impact PS 151x201x41mm

Gilac™ Essenstablett, HDPE, Weiß


Buerkle™ Fotoschale, niedrige Form

Draw up and discharge media using the suction flask. The telescopic immersion tube adapts itself to the container height on insertion. The Buerkle™ Shallow Form Photographic Tray is a component developed for viscous substances such as slurries, silt, wet clay and soil samples, soil sediments, oils, emulsions and creams. ViscoSampler, PTFE/FEP, Vol. 160 ml, 60 cm, Ø 32mm

Bochem™ Schale mit Rand, 335x245x60mm, Edelstahl 18/10

Schale mit Rand, 335x245x60mm, Edelstahl 18/10

Usbeck Laborgeraete™ Instrumentenschale aus Edelstahl

Instrumentenschale, Edelstahl 18/8, ab- gerundeteEcken, L=310mm, B=210mm, H=60mm

Buerkle™ Instrumententablett

Buerkle™ — Buerkle™ Instrument Trays — ideal for various uses in laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, the food and beverage industry Instrumentenschale, Melamin weiß, 700 ml

Buerkle™ Fotoschale, tiefe Form, mit Bodenrillen

Fotoschale hohe Form, mit Rillen, weiß, 31x41 cm

Fisherbrand™ Kunststofftabletts für das Arbeiten mit radioaktiven Substanzen, Gelb

Available in general purpose, biohazard and radiation safety formats, spilltrays provide a re-usable work area with the added benefit of safe containment of spillages and lab bench protection. TRAY RADIATION HAZARD EASY CLEAN 46 X26cm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylen-Sterilisationswannen für Pipetten/Instrumente mit Deckel

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Sterilisationswannen für Instrumente und Pipetten aus Kunststoff (verstärktes Polypropylen, mit Deckel) verringern Bruch und Beschädigung bei Glaspipettenspitzen. Sterilisationswanne, 4,8 l PP, für InstrumentePIPETTEN

Fisherbrand™ Schalen aus weißem Kunststoff für biologische Gefahrstoffe

Available in general purpose, biohazard and radiation safety formats, spilltrays provide a re-usable work area with the added benefit of safe containment of spillages and lab bench protection. TRAY BIOHAZARD EASY CLEAN 68 X 54CM

Kartell™ Mikroskopobjektträger-Tablett

Molded in white PVC for easy identification of dyes on the slides. Kartell™ Microscope Slides Tray is an ideal work station for 76 x 26mm slides. slides tray 20 places PVC 190x340x8mm

Buerkle™ Fotoschale, niedrige Form, ohne Bodenrillen

Manufactured from high quality rigid PVC. Buerkle™ Shallow Form Photographic Trays without Bottom Ribs are suited for universal laboratory or storage purposes. Fotoschale nied. Form, o. Rillen, schwarz 31x41cm

Fisherbrand™ Allzweckschalen aus weißem Kunststoff

Available in general purpose, biohazard and radiation safety formats, spilltrays provide a re-usable work area with the added benefit of safe containment of spillages and lab bench protection. TRAY GENERAL PURPOSE EASY CLEAN 46 X26cm


Store and organize small laboratory supplies. Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene 3-Compartment Tray will fit inside most standard sized drawers. 3-COMPARTMENT TRAY POLYSTYRENE

Carl Roth™ Rotilabo Polystyrene Drawer Tray

Schubladeneinsatz aus PS, mit 4 Fächer 205x155mm,440x340x70mm

Gilac™ LDPE-Tabletts, weiß, rechteckig


Spectrum™ Drawer/Ganizer™ Tragbare Organizer-Tabletts

Rigid 1/8 in. polystyrene trays with easy-gripping folded edges for transporting lab items and mobilizing experimental activities Organiser tray small, 4 Compartments 34x44.1x5cm

Buerkle™ Fotoschale, tiefe Form, ohne Bodenrillen

Use these trays for universal laboratory or storage purposes. Buerkle™ Deep-Form Photographic Tray without Bottom Ribs are made of high quality PVC and available in shallow or deep models in 3 attractive, high-gloss colors: white, red and black. Fotoschale hohe Form, ohne Rillen, rot, 19x26 cm