Corning™ UV-Licht-transparente Mikrotiterplatten

Designed with a UV-transparent well bottom for determining protein and nucleic acid concentrations. Corning™ UV-Transparent Microplates allows UV absorbance readings with low background, especially at 260 to 280nm. X50 UV-Platten Corning 96 Well, 370µ (VE=50Stck.)

Brand™ X50 96-well, transparent, UV-Polymer* 350μl, F-Bod en

X50 96-well, transparent, UV-Polymer* 350µl, F-Boden

Greiner Bio One™ UVStar Platte, 384 Well, F-Form, (VE=40Stck.)

UVStar Platte, 384 Well, F-Form, (VE=40Stck.)