Pipetten-Racks ohne Ladefunktion

Fisherbrand™ Clamp-ette™ Pipette Holder, three pipette

Secures to tabletops, benches, and shelves with a twist. The Fisherbrand™ Clamp-ette™ Pipette Holder is a polypropylene clamp for micropipettes. HALTERUNG TRICLAMP BLAU

Fisherbrand™ ABS Plastic Pipet Rack

Protect and organize glass and plastic pipets. Fisherbrand™ ABS Pipet Rack has four sturdy, angled shelves with cut-out viewing windows. Use the two removable attachments to hold bulbs, fillers or pumps. Constructed of sturdy ABS for a minimal benchtop footprint. MANUAL PIPET RACK 4 COMPARTMENTS

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ TOWERPACK™ Nachfüllsystem

Differentiates tip models with color-coded racks and indicates the compatible Gilson pipet models. Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ TOWERPACK™ Refill System is available in autoclavable and sterilized versions. Gilson Pipetten Spitzen Tower Pack D300,autoklavierbar (VE=960St)

Socorex™ Workstation aus Polyamid

Universal Pipetten-Work-Station 337, grauGRAU

Socorex™ PVC Bench-Top Stand

Universal Pipetten-Work-Station 337, gelbGELB

IBI Scientific Well Mark™

Used to reduce pipette dispensing errors and cross contamination during material delivery of assay reagents to 96- and 384-Well plates WELLMARK+HALTERUNG IM SET

Heathrow Scientific™ Acrylic 3-Place Pipettor Stand

Pipettenstation für 3 Pipetten, aus Acryl

Socorex™ Universal-Workstation aus Polyamid

Universal Pipetten-Work-Station 337, pastellrosaROSA

VITLAB™ Table Stand

Bench-top rackfor six VITLAB® micropipettes

Socorex™ Polycarbonate Shelf Pipette Holder

Universal Pipetten-Work-Station 337, grünGRUEN

Witeg™ Pipette Rack


Heathrow Scientific™ Acrylic 4-Place Pipettor Stand

Acryl Pipettenstation für 4 Pipetten

Pfeuffer™ Non Charging Pipetter Racks

Regal-Pipettenhalter 332 (VE=4 St.)