Eppendorf™ Reference™ 2 Pipetten mit variablem Volumen

Minimize risk of aerosol contamination and reduce thumb strain with these variable volume pipettes. Eppendorf™ Reference™ 2 Variable Volume Pipettes are ideal for pipetting and mixing liquids, filling of plates, gels and reaction vessels, and phase extraction and removal of supernatants. Reference2 12x30-300ul orange

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F2 Mehrkanalpipetten

Diese Pipetten gewährleisten Genauigkeit und Präzision aufgrund des AVG-Mechanismus (Advanced Volume Gearing), eines unabhängigen modularen Volumeneinstellmechanismus für optimale Leistung. FINNPIPETTE F2 8 KA 1-10µL MICROMICRO

Eppendorf™ Xplorer™ Pipetten, elektronisch

Eliminate potential error risks associated with manual pipetting with these pipettes. Eppendorf™ Xplorer™ Electronic Pipettes provide precisely adjustable parameters, reproducible and accurate results. Experience fatigue-free pipetting and maintain full control over pipetting procedures. Elektron. 12-Kanal Pipette Xplorer 5-100µlMultifunktionswippe gelb, m. Ladeadapter

Fisher Scientific™ Elite™ Mehrkanalpipetten

New, improved ergonomic design provides newly designed finger rest and index finger and hand support for maximum comfort Fisherbrand Elite MCP 8 5-50µl FBE800050Mikroliterpipette

Thermo Scientific™ F1-ClipTip™ Mehrkanalpipetten

Gewährleisten Sie mit diesen Mehrkanalpipetten mit innovativer ClipTip Technologie die vollständige Abdichtung jedes Kanals bei minimalem Kraftaufwand zum Aufnehmen und Abwerfen der Spitzen. F1-CLIPTIP Pipette, 12-Kanal, 1-10UL

Corning™ Lambda Plus 8 and 12-Channel Pipettor

Designed for universal fit with all common brands of pipet tips Lamba Plus pipettor, 8-Channel 5-50µL

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Novus Mehrkanalpipetten

Beschleunigen Sie die wiederholte Abgabe in Mikrotiterplatten. Erhältlich als 8-, 12- oder 16-Kanal-Pipette. Niedriges Gewicht und gute Gewichtsverteilung für geringeren Kraftaufwand und höheren Anwenderkomfort. FINNPIPETTE NOVUS 12-KAN. 1-10µL

Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ Elektronische Mehrkanalpipetten

Hohe Flexibilität und Anwenderfreundlichkeit für automatisiertes Pipettieren in 96- und 384-Well-Platten kombiniert mit der Sicherheit der ClipTip Technologie. E1-ClipTip electronic pipette 8x10-300ul

Eppendorf™ Research plus™ Pipetten mit einstellbarem variablem Volumen

Adapt for specific liquids or other external conditions with these ultra-light fully autoclavable pipettes. Eppendorf™ Research plus™ Variable Adjustable Volume Pipettes feature a spring loaded tip cone, a secondary adjustment option and an improved volume display. Pipette Research plus, 12-Kanal 30-300µl30-300µL

Eppendorf™ Xplorer™ plus elektronische Pipetten

With intuitive operating system and design for simplicity, precision and reproducibility Eppendorf Xplorer plus 8x0,5-10µL,grauer Kippschalter

Corning™ Costar™ 8-Pette™ and 12-Pette™ Multichannel Pipetters

Adjustable volume pipetters can use any number of channels without affecting pipetting accuracy 12-Kanalpipette, 20-200 µlPipettor

Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ Elektronische Equalizer-Mehrkanalpipetten mit einstellbarem Spitzenabstand

Übertragen Sie Proben zwischen praktisch allen Röhrchen, Gestellen, Mikrotiterplatten oder horizontalen Gelboxen schnell und effizient mithilfe des einstellbaren Pipettenspitzenabstands. E1-ClipTip electronic pipette Equalizer 384 12-chanels 5-12.5µl (variable tips spacing)

Fisherbrand™ Elite™ Mehrkanalpipetten

New, improved ergonomic design provides newly designed finger rest and index finger and hand support for maximum comfort Fisherbrand Elite Pipette 12-Kanal 10-100µl, Mikroliterpipette (VE=1)

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Multistepper

Die Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Multistepper verringert das Fehlerrisiko und erhöht die Produktivität bei Immunoassay-Applikationen. FINNPIP. MULTISTEPPER 8CH 50-250µLµL

BrandTech™ BRAND Transferpette™ -8/-12 Multichannel Adjustable Volume Pipette

Transferpette - 8, Typ Digital,mit Zubehör 5 - 50µl

BrandTech™ Transferpette™ S 8-/12-Kanal-Mehrkanalpipetten

Protects against accidental volume changes using innovative one-handed volume adjustment with brake. BrandTech™ Transferpette™ S Multichannel Pipet is supplied with performance certificate, operating manual, shelf mount, two tip boxes, reagent reservoir, pack of replacement v-rings, and one year warranty. Patented individually removable/replaceable tip cones provide easy in-lab cleaning. Transferpette S-12, 12-Kanal, 10 - 100 µl, incl.Zubehör

Sartorius™ Biohit PROLINE™ Plus mechanische Mehrkanalpipetten

Designed to offer comfort and quality for everyday manual pipetting. Sartorius™ Biohit™ Proline™ Plus Multichannel Mechanical Pipetter combines durable construction with ease of use, plus the widest range of pipettes for various users and applications. Available with 8 or 12 channels and three volume ranges. Proline Pipette 10 - 100 µl / 0,1 µl, 8 KanalBiohit

Sartorius™ Biohit™ Picus™ NxT Electronic Pipettes, 12 Channels

Designed to ease user's workload and to protect from repetitive strain injury (RSI) Picus NxT electronic pipette, 12-ch, 12x10-300µl

Sartorius™ Biohit™ PICUS™ elektronische 12-Kanalpipetten

Reduces risk of repetitive strain injury. Sartorius™ Biohit™ PICUS™ 12-Channel Electronic Pipet ensures the most accurate, precise and reliable results due to advanced DC-motor concept and built-in error control. Picus Electronic Pipette, 12-ch, 10-300µl, incl. universal AC-adaptor

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ M Mehrkanalpipetten

Equipped with motorized piston that virtually eliminates pipetting variability among users and minimizes RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) among users Electronic pipetman 8-channels P8x100M 5-100µl with A/C adapter, universal plug

Sartorius™ Biohit™ PICUS™ elektronische 8-Kanalpipetten

Reduces risk of repetitive strain injury. Sartorius™ Biohit™ PICUS™ 8-Channel Electronic Pipet ensures the most accurate, precise and reliable results due to advanced DC-motor concept and built-in error control. Elektronische Pipette Picus 8-Kanal 0,2-10µluniversal Netzteil

Sartorius™ Biohit™ eLINE™ elektronische Mehrkanalpipetten

Handles several types of pipetting tasks from regular pipetting to diluting with mixing and automatic repetitive dispensing. Sartorius™ Biohit™ eLINE™ Multichannel Electronic Pipets with fully electronic operations guarantee user-independent results and high ergonomics to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury. eLINE Pipette, elektr., 0,2-10µl, 8-Kanal mitLadegerät

Sartorius™ Biohit™ MLINE™ mechanische Mehrkanalpipetten

Achieve excellent precision in long pipetting series. Sartorius™ Biohit™ mLINE™ Multichannel Mechanical Pipetter is the most advanced and ergonomic choice for quality-conscious users who perform repetitive manual pipetting. Multichannel models cover the full volume range of 0.1 µl to 10 ml. mLine 12-Kanalpipette, mechanisch, 30 bis 300µl30-300µL

Gilson™ PIPETMAN Neo Mehrkanalpipetten

Offers an excellent compromise between comfort and target precision. Gilson™ PIPETMAN Neo™ Multichannel Pipets are designed to apply equal pressure on each piston to ensure consistent volume levels across all channels. PIPETMAN NEO MULTICHANNEL 12 X 20 (VE=1)12X20µL

Sartorius™ Biohit™ Picus™ NxT Electronic Pipettes, 8 Channels

Designed to ease user's workload and to protect from repetitive strain injury (RSI) Picus NxT electronic pipette 8-ch 50-1200µl

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ L Multichannel Pipets

New, lightweight multichannel pipet with lockable volume that has been designed to fit naturally in your hand. PIPETMAN L, 12-Kanalpipette, 20-200 µl, manuell

Bel-Art™ Mehrfach-Vaccu-Pette/96, max. 35ml (ohne Spritze) DEVICE

Aspirate or dispense 96 wells in less than 10 seconds, speeding up repetitive washing or dispensing Mehrfach-Vaccu-Pette/96, max. 35ml (ohne Spritze)DEVICE

Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ Multichannel Electronic Pipettes

This product is no longer being manufactured, although we will continue to provide spare parts until December 2020. 12 Channel Matrix Electronic Pipette, 15-850 µl

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F1 Mehrkanalpipetten

Reduzieren Sie den Kraftaufwand zum Abwerfen mehrerer Spitzen mit unserem innovativen Soft-Touch-Spitzenabwurf, einem der vielen ergonomischen Merkmale dieser höchst genauen und präzisen Pipetten. FINNPIPETTE F1 16 KA 1-10µL MICROMICRO

Fisherbrand™ Finnpipette™ II Digital Multichannel Pipetters

Advanced pipetting performance in a lightweight, ergonomic design FISHERBRAND II PIPETER 12X 5-50