Thermo Scientific™ National™ 4 ml Schraubverschlussgestell

Efficiently hold and organize vials while using them or for storage. Save space by stacking the 50 or 100 plastic vial racks on top of each other. 2ML VIAL Lagerungs RACK COVERC

Eppendorf™ Vial Holder


Eppendorf™ Aufbewahrungsbox für 5 ml Röhrchen

Store 5.0mL tubes in this box. Polypropylene Eppendorf™ Storage Box is made of for freezing up to -86°C, with lid and alphanumeric code. X2 Lagerbox für Eppendorf Tubes 5.0 mL

Wheaton™ Storage Racks for Sample Vials and Bottles

Sturdy and stackable even when vials are in place 50 POS RACK, PP, 30 MM OPEN ID VE=5 St.DIAM<30MM

Wheaton™ 96-Position Polypropylene Vial Racks for 8mm Chromatography Vials

Can be cleaned easily in an automatic washer or autoclaved Aufbewahrungs Rack aus PP, für 8x12-Probeflaschen 8mm Durchm., VE=5 Stück

Wheaton™ 50-Positionen-Rack mit 28.1 mm ID Anzahl der Wells

Vial racks can be stacked even with vials in place. Can be cleaned easily in an automatic washer or autoclaved X5 RACK F. 50 VIALS 28 MM DM PP MASSIV, (1 STÜCK)ML

Wheaton™ 48-Position Rack for 15.5mm Open ID

This rack can be cleaned easily in an automatic washer or autoclaved PP-Rack für 4x 12 Vials mit max. 15 mmDurchmesser, VE=5 Stück

Wheaton™ 90-Position Vial Rack

Save valuable lab space with this stackable and autoclavable vial rack PP-Rack für 6x 15 Vials mit max. 17 mm,

Wheaton™ Cryule™ PP-Gestelle

Molded corners provide stability during stacking X5 PP-Rack mit 5x10 Bohrungen 12,5mm Durchm. für 1FLAS

Wheaton™ 36-Positionsständer für Röhrchen für 6 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml Headspace 23 mm Außendurchmesser der Röhrchen

Can be cleaned easily in an automatic washer or autoclaved X5 RACK 36 POSIT. FOR 23MM OD VIA

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Scintillation Vial Rack

For start to finish sample preparation GESTELL FUER 24 FLAESCHCHEN D30MMD30MM

Macherey Nagel™ Container

81 Positionen Behälter blaumit festem Gefacheinsatz für Gewindeflaschen N 8,

Biotek Instruments™ Holder


Heathrow Scientific™ Polycarbonate Vial Holder

X4 50-Well Cryogenic Vial Holder (Blue) Pack 4

SPEX CertiPrep™ Spex Certiprep™ Vial Holder

Vial holder, 2ml micro-tubes Holds 24 x 2ml tubesin MiniG