Vibrationsdämpfende Arbeitsflächen

Sartorius™ 69LP0010 Schockabsorber, VE = 4 Stück

69LP0010 Schockabsorber, VE = 4 Stück

Speirs Robertson™ VIBRATIONSFREIE PLATTE 30X45 30X45

Ensures that vibrations common in most laboratories are effectively removed, greatly increasing instrument performance. Speirs Robertson™ Balance Platform is constructed of stainless steel with damped sorbothane for vibration reduction. VIBRATIONSFREIE PLATTE 30X4530X45

Cole-Parmer™ MARBLE SLAB 508X330X51MM

Reduce vibration disturbances caused by nearby equipment. Cole-Parmer™ Antivibration Platforms are ideal for spaces where tables won't fit. MARBLE SLAB 508X330X51MM


Facilitate optimal use and help protect electromechanical and optical equipment from excessive wear and even structural damage that can be caused by exposure to vibration VIBRATIONSFREIE WÄGEPLATTE

Bel-Art™ Schwingungsdämpfende SP Scienceware™ Vibrasorb™ Premium Untersätze

Protects electromechanical and optical equipment from exposure to vibration. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ Vibrasorb™ Premium Vibration Damping Mounts facilitates optimal equipment use. Vibrasorb Vibration