Laborartikel – Wasch- und Reinigungsmittel

Weigert™ Neodisher N

Neutralizes depleted alkalis and removes lime or other acid-soluble residues. Weigert Neodisher N is a liquid neutralizing agent used during machine treatment. It is based on phosphoric acid and is free of surfactants. REINIGER NEODISHER N 12 KG

Fisherbrand™ Reinigungsmittel

5KG Spülmaschinenreiniger Fisherbrand-mat, Pulver, 5kg Eimer

Alconox™ Liquinox™ Flüssigreiniger für schwierige Reinigungsarbeiten

Concentrated, mild, anionic detergent for manual and ultrasonic cleaning X4 GALLON LIQUI-NOX CLEANERS

Brand™ Edisonite Super Universalreiniger

Edisonite Super - pulverförmiger Spezialreiniger5 kg-Eimer

Azpack™ Teepol™ Mehrzweckreiniger

Contains a balanced blend of anionic and nonionic constituents. Azpack™ Teepol™ Multi-purpose Detergent is a high quality neutral detergent designed for general washing up and cleaning. 5 LT TEEPOL DETERGENT MULTI-PURPOSE (1 EACH)

Borer Chemie™ Deconex 24 LIQ

Formulated for special washing machines in laboratories. Borer Chemie deconex™ 24 LIQ is a highly alkaline cleaning concentrate with active chlorine used for removing stubborn organic and inorganic residues and contamination from laboratory glass and reusable laboratory material. deconex 24 LIQ, Flüssig-Kraftreiniger (VE=7kg)

Hirschmann Instruments™ Rea Stabil Flüssigkeit, Flasche

Helps avoid algae, bacteria and mould formation in the laboratory. Hirschmann Instruments™ rea-stabil™ Liquid Bottle is for use with hot water baths, thermostats and similar areas of use. 200ML FLACON REASTABIL

Hirschmann Instruments™ Rea Calc Flüssig-Entkalkungsmittel, Flasche

Ensures removal of encrusted and stubborn dirt rapidly, automatically and carefully. Hirschmann Instruments™ rea-calc™ Liquid Descaling Agent is free of hydrochloric and formic acid. Reiniger rea-calc, 1 l Flasche (1L Flasche)

Weigert™ Neodisher Alka 400 W

Can be used universally for all requirements. Weigert Neodisher Alka 400 W is a concentrated liquid for dishwashing machines that contains active chlorine for superior cleaning results, even with tea and coffee residues. Alka 400 W Flüssigreiniger, 12kg

Fisherbrand™ Sol Liquid Cleaning Concentrate

Reinigungskonzentrat Fisherbrand®-sol, flüssig, 5Liter Kanister

Thermo Scientific™ PCC-54™ Reinigungsmittelkonzentrat

A laboratory cleaning solution for labware utensils, surface materials and glassware, including beakers, pipets, lenses, mirrors; RBS-35 alternative. 3 LT PCC-54 Detergent Concentrate 3L

Millipore™ Guava Instrument Cleaning Fluid (Icf) (100Ml)

Guava Instrument Cleaning Fluid (Icf) (100Ml)

Bandelin Electronic™ STAMMOPUR 24 Desinfektion und Intensiv- reinigung, mild-alk., pH 9,4 (1%), - 5 l

STAMMOPUR 24 Desinfektion und Intensiv- reinigung, mild-alk., pH 9,4 (1%), - 5 l

Borer Chemie™ Deconex 22 HPF-x Flüssigkeit

For universal application to remove heavy contamination such as dried or burnt-in analysis- and synthesis-residues from glassware and reusable lab material. Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 22 HPF-x Liquid is concentrated and highly alkaline. Deconex® 22 HPF-x flüssig, hochalkalisch, 12 kg

Elma™ EC 70 Reiniger

Excellent for the thorough cleaning of laboratory equipment, tools and instruments made of glass, ceramics, alkaline-stable plastic, rubber, metal and light metal. Elma™ Clean 70 Concentrated Cleaner is an excellent choice for universal lab cleaning.

Elma™ N10 Reiniger

Ideal for use with labware made from metal, including aluminum and light alloys, glass, ceramic or plastic. Elma™ Lab Clean N10 Concentrated Cleaner gently removes emulsions and lime soap deposits and prevents their redeposition.

Weigert™ Neodisher A8

Neodisher A8, Reinigungspulver alkalisch, 25kgEimer

Fisherbrand™ Biologisch abbaubares Reinigungsmittel

Cleans all types of laboratory glassware, ceramics, plastics, ultrasonic water baths, stainless steel and ferrous metals. Fisherbrand™ Biodegradable Detergent is a very envioronmentally safe cleanser 5 LT DETERGENT BIODEGRADABLE PHOSPHATEand enzyme free 5L


Immediately and completely soluble in water at any concentration, without agitation. CLEANING SOLUTION 7X-PF 2X5LITER

Hanna Instruments™ Elektroden-Reinigungslösung für öle und Fette, Flasche nit 460 ml

Elektroden-Reinigungslösung für Öle und Fette,Flasche nit 460 ml

Borer Chemie™ Deconex Cleaning Concentrate 20 NS-x

deconex Reinigungskonzentrat 20 NS-x 10 kg,NTA-frei

Diversey™ ClearKlens NTC Detergent

Provides effective single stage recovery cleaning in hard water with the presence of very high levels of product residue. Diversey ClearKlens NTC Detergent is a heavy duty, caustic, defoamed detergent that can be used in the removal of a wide range of organic and inorganic product residues. 20LT Heavy duty caustic based detergent for CIP

Weigert™ Neodisher MA

Cleans a wide variety of materials. Weigert Neodisher MA is a powdered detergent free of oxidative additives used for machine cleaning of surgical instruments, anesthesia instruments, surgical footwear and baby bottles in hospitals, as well as laboratory glassware. NEODISHER MA DETERGENT 10KG

Diversey™ ClearKlens Eco Detergent

Contains no phosphorus or nitrogen, making it ideal for environmentally sensitive customers. Diversey ClearKlens Eco Detergent is an organic acid based liquid detergent descaler for CIP applications across pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industries. 20LT Eco certified detergent descaler for CIP

Hirschmann Instruments™ Rea Sol Rapid Reinigungsmittel, Kanister

For rapid, automatic and careful cleaning of materials such as glass, porcelain, rubber, plastics and metals. Hirschmann Instruments™ rea-sol™ Rapid Cleaning Agent is ideal for the laboratory in removing oil, grease, wax, resin, silicone, blood, protein and serum residues.
5LT Reiniger rea-sol, 5 l Kanistergungskonzentrat 5 Liter Kanister

Elma™ REINIGER EC 210 25L 210

REINIGER EC 210 25L210

Bandelin Electronic™ Tickopur RW 77 Spezialreiniger

TICKOPUR RW 77 Spezialreiniger, phosphat- frei,mild-alk., pH 9,9 (1%)- 5 Liter

Elma™ EC 60 Reiniger

Reinigungsflüssigkeit Elma Clean 60, 25 Liter,saures Reinigungskonzentra

Cole-Parmer™ Terg-A-Zyme Reiniger

Verwenden Sie diese überlegenen Reiniger auf Glas, Metall, Kunststoff, Gummi und anderen harten Materialien in Ihren entscheidenden Reinigungsprozessen. Terg-A-Zyme™ Reiniger ist ohne störende Rückstände abspülbar. TERG-A-ZYME , 4 LB BOX

Fisherbrand™ Reinigungsflüssigkeit Elma Clean 65, 1 Liter, neutrales Reinigungskonzentrat

Suitable for all cleaning applications which require very gentle treatment of the items to be cleaned. Fisherbrand™ Elma Clean 65 Cleaning Concentrate has been developed particularly for use in ultrasonic baths. Reinigungsflüssigkeit Elma Clean 65, 1 Liter,neutrales Reinigungskonzentrat