Atemgeräte mit Luftreinigung, Vollmaske

Dräger™ X-plore™ 3300 Half Mask Respirators

A perfect fit for every type of face- Providing supreme comfort and easy handling Zweifilter-Halbmaske X-plore 3300, Größe L

Honeywell™ Willson Optifit Doppelfilter-Vollmasken


Ekastu Safety™ C 607/Selecta Model Full Face Mask

Vollmaske C 607/Selecta (Klasse 2), beschlagfrei,großer Blickwinkel

Draeger™ X-Plore 6530 Full Face Mask

Vollmaske Panorama Nova X-plore 6530, mitPC-Scheibe

Draeger Safety™ Particle Filters

Clean breathable air from contaminants in a low-cost and effective manner. Dräger™ Particle Filters are suitable for all half and full face masks available on the market with connectors conforming to EN 148-1. P3 Filter (veraschbar) (VE=25Stck.)

X-Plore 6300 Full Face Mask

Vollmaske Panorama Nova X-plore 6300