Hausmeisterbedarf, Eimer und Wringmaschinen

Cole Parmer™ SQUARE HDPE PAIL 4,25 GAL


Brand™ HDPE-Eimer

Manufactured from High-density Polyethylene.BRAND™ HDPE Buckets include a handle, and graduation marks. Without spout. Push-on lid available for separate purchase. Eimer, PE-LD, ohne Deckel und Ausguß, 5 l, H=240mm, m.Maßeinteilung u.Henkel

Brand™ Polypropylene Buckets

Eimer, PP, ohne Deckel, mit Ausguß 15 l, H. 340mm, verstärkt.Rand u.Henkel

Gosselin™ Gosselin™ Becher aus Polypropylen mit Deckel und Griff

Excellent option for general storage in the laboratory. Gosselin™ Polypropylene Buckets with Handle are manufactured from white-colored polypropylene plastic. X75 BUCKET 3,8L PP

Azlon™ Square Shaped HDPE Bucket

Square shaped buckets suitable for food contact applications in accordance with EU regulations BUCKET 14L BLACK

Azlon™ Lid for Square Shaped HDPE Bucket

For use with square shaped HDPE bucket LID FOR BUCKET

Azlon™ Spouted HDPE Bucket

Spouted HDPE buckets for easy pouring and with moulded graduations SEAU PE U.I. 10,5L BLAN

Carl Roth™ Stainless Steel Bucket

Edelstahl-Eimer, Remanit 4301 6 l, H 210 mm, Ø 265


PE-Eimer, 7,6 Liter, Luftdicht schließend, mitnylonbeschichtetem Drahtbügel

Vitlab™ LDPE-Deckel

Manufactured with LDPE for tight fit and transparency. VITLab™ LDPE Lids are for use with VITlab™ HDPE buckets. Deckel für 5 Liter Eimer, PE

Bochem™ Graduierte Messeimer mit Deckel, aus Edelstahl

Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel. Bochem™ Stainless Steel Graduated Buckets with Lid has one liter graduations. Eimer 18/10 Stahl, 15 Liter, graduiert,mit Henkel

Micronova™ Yellow Plastic Buckets and Wringers

Bucket with 76mm casters, controlled environment,

Bochem™ Stainless Steel Transport Container with Lid and Handle


Nickel Electro™ Edelstahl-Eimer

Quick to clean and having an attractive shiny appearance, this Nickel Electro™ Stainless Steel Bucket without Graduation, provides good chemical resistance and can handle hot liquids. Bucket lid stainless steel for 10L bucket (Fisherno. BUX-465-020P)

Carl Roth™ Eimer mit Ausguss, PE, 10,5 Liter

Eimer mit Ausguss, PE, 10,5 Liter

Micronova™ LDPE/Nylon Blend Liner for Buckets

Designed for cleanrooms and controlled environments X24 BucketLiners

Buerkle™ Sterilisierbare Schale

Manufactured with polypropylene for strength and stability. Buerkle™ Polypropylene Bowls are designed with a wide holding edge to minimize dropped bowls. Schüssel sterilisierbar, PP weiß, Ø 240 mm, 3 l

Bode Chemie™ Disinfecting Baths

Desinfektionswanne, 5 Liter

Usbeck Laborgeraete™ Eimer

Eimer aus Edelstahl 18/8, konisch, gradu- iert,ohne Deckel, D=295mm,H=255mm,10Liter

Buerkle™ Eimer zum Transport, Gießen und Mischen

Use these buckets for a variety of storage, transporting, decanting and mixing applications. Buerkle™ All-Purpose Buckets feature a wide spout for safe emptying and a sturdy handle. Industrie-Eimer, LDPE weiß, mit Metallbügel, 17 l

Kautex™ LDPE-Eimer mit Ausguss

Designed for stability and long-working life, Kautex™ LDPE Graduated Bucket with Spout provides a sturdy receptacle for dispensing, sending samples, mixing, transferring and transport. 610/10 LDPE-Eimer 10 Liter mit Ausguss, graduiert, weiss

Gilac™ LDPE Industrial Buckets


Buerkle™ Verpackungs-Eimer

Manufactured from polypropylene for strength and durability. Buerkle™ Packaging Buckets are ideal for transport, packaging and storing of a wide range of materials. X5 Verpackungseimer, PP weiß, 2 l, mit Deckel

Kartell™ LDPE-Eimer mit Ausguss

Graduated bucket constructed of sturdy LDPE plastic. Kartell™  Buckets with Spout provide a durable choice for laboratory cleaning solutions. HDPE-Eimer, 12 Liter, mit Ausguss, DxH=300x280mm

Bochem™ Messkanne, mit Ausguss, 18/10Stahl, ohne deckel,

Messkanne, mit Ausguss, 18/10Stahl, ohne deckel,

Buerkle™ Round Top Tub

Tonne rund, HDPE, Auflegerand, Tragegriffe, 50 l

Kautex™ LDPE-Eimer

Designed with thick-walls for stability and long working life. Kautex™ LDPE Buckets provide a sturdy receptacle and strong support handle for a variety of uses. 615/10 LDPE-Eimer 10 Liter ohne Ausguss,graduiert, weiss

Semadeni™ Polypropylene Packaging Buckets

Verpackungseimer, PP, 3,8 Liter, VE=10 Stück