Hausmeisterbedarf, Schwämme und Schrubber

GE Healthcare Triangular Sponge for Ettan DALTtwelve Gel Caster

Accessory for use with Ettan DALTtwelve Gel Caster. DALT TW. CAST SPNG FNNL (8/PK)

Micronova™ Sponge wipe Novacel absorbent, for lapping, polish

Sponge wipe Novacel absorbent, for lapping, polishing & wiping, soft & pliant once hydrated, chemica

Foamtec Stainless Steel Corrosion Remediation Kits

Enable technicians to quickly remediate corrosion using a polishing and cleaning process that is fully compatible with cleanroom operations SAHARA SPONGE