Hausmeisterbedarf, Mopps und Besen

Texwipe™ BetaMop™ II


Texwipe™ AlphaMop™ Accessories and Replacements


Carl Roth™ Powerslide Window Wiper

Powerslide Window Wiper

Micronova™ PolyMesh™ Schwämme

Break down tough soils X24 Sponge controlled environment, irradiated, to

Micronova™ MegaSwat™ Cleaning Tool: Adapter Covers

Perfect for cleaning around heavy process equipment or calibrated apparatus Mop LoPro controlled environment microfibre 51mm

Micronova™ MegaSwat™ Cleaning Tool: Mop Covers

Perfect for cleaning around heavy process equipment or calibrated apparatus Mop LoPro controlled environment sponge NovaPoly

Micronova™ CurtainCleaner™ Slipcovers

Ideal for medical device and pharmaceutical applications Mop CurtainCleaner, controlled environment, PVA

Micronova™ MegaTip™ Swab Cleaning Tool Slipcovers

Slipcovers for use with MegaTip Swab Cleaning Tool Swab cover controlled environment NovaPoly 38mm

Micronova™ FlexBrush™ NovaPoly™ Brush Covers

X12 Slip cover irradiated NovaPoly 305mm for

Micronova™ Manufacturing Dry Mop Frame

Mop designed for easy application of disinfectant

Micronova™ T-Mop™ Adapters

Mop adapter controlled environment, square, Delrin

Micronova™ MicroFiber Curtain Cleaner

Mop CurtainCleaner, irradiated, controlled environ

Micronova™ MegaTip™ Swab Adapter

Adapter for use with Micronova MegaTip Swab Swab adapter attaches Swab to SSU series of handle

Micronova™ PowerHead™ Bar

Mop adapter to fit Powerhead to Roll O matic

Micronova™ Megatex™ T-Mop™ Cover

Mop cover controlled environment, MegaTex cover,

Micronova™ NovaKnit™ Series Mops

An absorbent, deceptively robust mop for cleaning and liquid pick-up in controlled and critical environments X24 Mop controlled environment washed polyester/ny

Micronova™ RollerTool™ Covers


Micronova™ MegaSwat™ Cleaning Tool: MegaSwat Adapters

Perfect for cleaning around heavy process equipment or calibrated apparatus Mop adapter controlled environment, HDPE, 203mm

Micronova™ Cleanroom Mops Special Tools and Accessories

Slip cover controlled environment NovaPoly/MegaTex

Contec™ Twin Divided Bucket with Slinger

Use one side of the bucket for cleaning and disinfecting solutions and the other for rinsing. The Contec™ Twin Divided Bucket with Slinger incorporates the rugged polyester mesh Slinger style wringer that easily installs over the included bucket. DIVIDED BUCKET WITH SLINGER WRINGER AND 4 CASTORS,

Micronova™ NovaPoly™ Curtain Cleaner™

X12 Mop CurtainCleaner, thick sponge, irradiated,

Micronova™ MicroMop™ Deluxe

Mop controlled environment PVA

Micronova™ Manufacturing NovaPoly™ Cover

Mop designed for easy application of disinfectant

Micronova™ Hood Cleaning Kit

For use with containment hoods and biosafety cabinets 1 SET Kit includes T-Mop adapter 254mm, 635mm

Micronova™ SlimLine™ 2000 NovaPoly™ Covers

X12 Mop cover controlled environment, slimline

Micronova™ CurtainCleaner™ Handle

For use with CurtainCleaner Slipcovers CURTAIN CLEANER HANDLE 122CM

Freudenberg™ Roll-O-Matic™ Self-Wringing Mops Refills

Suitable for all controlled environments X12 SPONGE MOP REFILL WITH PES LAMINATION 14''