EMD Millipore EcoStand™ Röhrchenhalter

Features a user-friendly design for both 15 and 50mL (0.51 and 1.69 oz.) tube formats ECOSTAND SCHLAUCHHALTER 50ML

BD BD Vacutainer Pronto Kanülenhalter VE=20 Stück

Designed to prevent over-tightening when needle is secured BD Vacutainer Pronto Kanülenhalter VE=20 Stück


Sterile, single-use disposable tube holder with Luer adapter for use in routine specimen withdrawal HOLDEX -KORPUS LUER EXCEN

Hecht Karl™ Nadelhalter nach Kolle, L=25 cm

Nadelhalter nach Kolle, L=25 cm

Greiner Bio-One Speedy Quick Release Safety Holder PP VE=50

Trigger mechanism for safe and easy needle ejection Speedy Quick Release Safety Holder PP VE=50

BD 367300 Multiple Sample Luer Adapter 1000 Stück

X1000 Luer adapter BD Vacutainer compatible with

BD Vacutainer™ Röhrchenhalter

Low-cost, single-use holder compliant with OSHA regulations X250 CORPS PREL. UU D=18MM

BD Luer-Lok™ Zugangssystem

Use for needleless collection of blood.  BD Vacutainer™ Luer-Lok™ Access Device is a direct access collection device. X200 Luer adapter BD Vacutainer luer-lok accessdevice white with pre-attached holders (pack of