Gibco™ Lab Armor™ Beads

Small, non-uniform metal beads comprised of dry, metallic thermal alloy for use in water baths designed to replace water in a water bath or ice in an ice bucket Lab Armor (TM) Beads, 8 Liter

Thermo Scientific™ Zubehör für Thermo Scientific™ Kälte- und Wärme-Umwälzthermostate

Enhance the operation of Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulators with accessories that include bridges, platforms, cooling coils and connectivity solutions. Tap water cooling coil for use with 4100H6A

Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Umwälzbad-Flüssigkeiten

For use with Isotemp Baths and Chillers SILIKON OEL SIL180 KANISTER 5L

Thermo Scientific™ Probenflaschenclips und Befestigungen für Präzision™ Wasserbäder

Die Thermo Scientific Probenflaschenclips und Befestigungen werden mit den Präzision Dubnoff- und Flachform-Schüttelbädern und Schüttelbädern mit Hin- und Herbewegung verwendet. Test Tube 13mm-25mm (Requires Clip Fastener) for use with shaking water baths

Thermo Scientific™ Temperature Control Connectivity Accessories

Maximize the efficiency of your temperature control device with Thermo Scientific™ Temperature Control Connectivity and monitoring accessories. Interface Cable USB

Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Bath Circulator Accessories: Remote Sensor

Remote sensor PT100 remote sensor for use with 6200controller

Fisherbrand™ Pumpenset für externe Temperieraufgaben

Julabo™ Pump Set for Circulating Bath is U\used as an accessory for heating immersion circulators. Pumpenset für externe Temperieraufgaben

Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Bath Circulator Accessories: Plumbing Packages

Plumbing packages Viton plumbing package -25C to 100°C(uninsulated)

Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Chiller External Pressure Reducers

External pressure reducers. PRESSURE REDUCER ISOTEMP 600/900W600/900W

Fisherbrand™ Badstabilisator, Fisherbrand-stabil, 100ml Flasche

Prepare a new bath if the blue color of the water decreases when using Fisherbrand™ Bath Stabilizer. Add this to the bath to prevent growth of bacteria, fungi and algae in warm water baths and thermostats. Badstabilisator, Fisherbrand-stabil, 100ml Flasche

Thermo Scientific™ Handpumpe und Ablauf-Kit für Precision™ Wasserbäder

Ablassen Ihres Thermo Scientific™ Precision Wasserbades mit einer Handpumpe oder einem Ablauf-Kit. Hand Pump for Precision

Fisherbrand™ Brücken für Bäder


Bibby Scientific™ Lid polypropylene for MNK-976-010R floating out

Lid polypropylene for MNK-976-010R floating out

Bibby Scientific™ X10 Spring Stuart SBS30/1 spare for BKS-370-010C

X10 Spring Stuart SBS30/1 spare for BKS-370-010C

Bibby Scientific™ TU-20HT,High Temp thermoreg.w RS232 -40°C-250°C

TU-20HT,High Temp thermoreg.w RS232 -40°C-250°C

Bibby Scientific™ by-pass for use with C-85/FC-200/FC-500

by-pass for use with C-85/FC-200/FC-500

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Verstellbares Tablett

Tray Techne adjustable for 26 litre bah

Bibby Scientific™ X250 Techne polypropylene 250 x 25mm dia Spheres

X250 Techne polypropylene 250 x 25mm dia Spheres

Stuart™ Alundum


High Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid

High Temperature Bath Fluid 18 litredrum 60°C to 250°C

Low Temperature Bath Fluid 18 litre drum -40°C to 125°C

Low Temperature Bath Fluid 18 litredrum -40°C to 125°C

Memmert™ Peltierkühlvorrichtung CDP115 L8 zu WNE22 ** lt. Angebot 103912 **

Use this cooling device with Memmert water baths. Memmert™ Peltier Cooling Device for Water Baths are ideal for temperatures below ambient from +10°C. Peltierkühlvorrichtung CDP115 L8 zu WNE22