Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ UVP 3UV Ultraviolet Lamp

Photoactivate crosslinkers in UV-crosslinking methods with these compact, UV-lamps with 252nm, 302nm and 365nm short to long wavelength bulbs. 3UV Lamp

UVP™ Pen Ray

Pen-Ray (3SC-2.00-AO-16 Hg)

UVP Ultra Violet Product™ Lamp Pen-Ray Krypton Fill

Lamp UVP Pen-Ray krypton fill,2.12 inch light UV

UVP Ersatzröhren für kompakte und tragbare UV-Lampen

For use with 4w and 6w UV lamps UV TUBE 4 W 365 NM

UVP™ 3UV Lamp


UVP™ Compact UV Lamp

Lamp UVP compact, financial UV Lamp with stand

UVP Standard Mercury Pen-Ray Models

Low-pressure mercury gaseous discharge handheld lamps are ideal for small apertures requiring spectroscopic wavelength calibration, sterilization, UV curing or fluorescence detection applications STAB-UV-LAMPE 254NM 10X229MM

UVP™ UV-Lampe der EL-Serie


UVP Mini Ultraviolet Lamp Replacement Tube

Replacement tubes for lightweight, compact and financial UV Lamps UV TUBE 4W 254/365NMNM

UVP Blak-Ray™ B-100AP High-Intensity UV Inspection Lamps: Exposure Box

High intensity lamps supply brilliant UV irradiance for optimum fluorescence Exposure Box UVP for UV curing for B-100AP, B-100A

Veolia Water Systems™ UV-Lampe

UV Ersatzlampe Ultra Analytic / Genetic

UVP Filter Assemblies for Handheld UV Lamps


UVP Filter Assemblies for Handheld EL Series UV Lamps

Filter assembly UVP for use with 6W EL series UV

UVP Blak-Ray™ B-100AP High-Intensity UV Inspection Lamps: Finger Guard

Accessory for B-100AP High-Intensity UV Inspection Lamps Finger guard UVP for high intensity UV lamp B-100A

UVP™ XX-Series UV Bench Lamp

Lamp UVP XX-15LW bench brackets included aluminum

UVP Replacement Parts for B-100 Series High-Intensity UV Lamps

Accessories for B-100 series UV lamp Socket UVP medium base UV lamp for B100 series

UVP MRL-58 Multiple Ray Lamp Tube

Replacement tube for benchtop lamp Tube UVP replacement Longwave BLB, 365nm(F8T5BLB)length 305mm 8W for multiple ray lamp

UVP™ Ultra Violet EL Lamps


UVP™ Multiple Ray Lamp

Multiple Ray Lamp MRL-58 UVP

UVP Blak-Ray™ B-100AP High-Intensity UV Inspection Lamps: Visor Lamp

Accessory for B-100AP High-Intensity UV Inspection Lamps Lamp visor UVP for high intensity UV lamp B-100AP,AP/R, SP, YP

UVP High-Performance Mineralight™ Display Lamps: Replacement Tubes

Lamps with two 25-watt tubes providing hours of UV illumination with adjustable handles and mounting bracket for hanging UV TUBE 25W 302 NM

UVP Pen-Ray™ Field Pack

Includes a Pen-Ray™ UV light source and a DC power supply (with 9V battery) in a compact, portable package Field pack UVP Pen-Ray FP-S combined UV light

UVP™ High Intensity Wafer Inspection Lamp

UV LAMPE B100YP 100W 543/574/576NM543/574/576NM

UVP Blak-Ray™ B-100Y and B-100YP UV Inspection Lamps: Filter

Filter for B-100Y and B-100YP UV inspection lamps Filter UVP for B-100Y, B-100YP