Invitrogen™ Electroporation Cuvettes, 0.1 cm

DNA can be introduced into bacterial, yeast, and mammalian cells by electroporation Electroporation Cuvettes, 0.2 cm (blue), 50/bag

Invitrogen™ Electrocomp™ TOP10 Electrocomp Kit

Supplied at transformation efficiency of 1 × 109 cfu/μg supercoiled DNA for high-efficiency cloning and plasmid propagation TOP10 Electrocomp Kit, 20 transformations 400ul

Invitrogen™ DH10B™ Electrocomp™ MegaX DH10B T1R Electrocomp Cells

Highest-efficiency electrocompetent cells available MegaX DH10B T1R Electrocomp 25 reactions

Eppendorf™ Helix Chamber

Helixfusion chamber for cell fusion

Invitrogen™ Electrocomp™ One Shot™ One Shot TOP10 Electrocomp E. coli

Supplied at transformation efficiency of 1 x 109 cfu/ μg supercoiled DNA that's ideal for high-efficiency cloning and plasmid propagation One Shot TOP10 Electrocomp Cells, 10transformations

Eppendorf™ Micro Fusion Chamber


Invitrogen™ Electrocomp™ TOP10F Electrocomp Kit

Identical to TOP10 with the addition of an F' episome TOP10F? Electrocomp Kit, 2 x 20 transformations

BTX Electroporation Accessories: Cables, Connectors, and Adapters

Connect external devices (Genetrodes, Genepaddles, Microslides, Meander Fusion Chamber) to BTX electroporation generators CONNECTION CABLE, Banana Plug To Micro grabber Plug, 10 FT

BTX™-Harvard Apparatus HT 25-,96-Well Electroporation Plates

For use with ECM 630 and ECM 830 Electroporation Systems 96 well plate, 2mm gap, 125ul per well

BTX™ Two-Needle Array™ Electrode Kits

Designed for in vivo drug or gene delivery 2-NEEDLE ARRAY KIT, 5mm (Model 522 - 450121)

BTX™ HT96 Enhancer™ 3000 Electroporation/Monitoring Systems

Versatile systems combine rapid multi-well electroporation with customizable data monitoring and analysis for fast, accurate results MOS 830 System, Includes ECM830,HT200 Plate handler(automatic),Enhancer 3000,2x96 well plates

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electrofusion Hybridoma Production System Ecm2001

ECM2001 HYBRIDOMA PRODUCTION SYS-Generator,Microslides,cables,adapter,BTXpress Cytofus buffer

BTX Harvard Apparatus Tweezertrodes™ Electrodes Kits

Reusable, tweezer-style, in vivo electrodes suitable for drug or gene delivery in animals TWEEZERTRODE KIT, 7mm, Stainless Steel 

BTX Safety Dome

For BTX™ Gemini Electroporation Systems SAFETY STAND Adjustable Gap (for use with Cuvettes

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporation System Btx Ecm830 Ht

ECM830 HT System-Includes ECM830 Generator, HT200Plate handler(automatic), 2x96 well plates

BTX™ Two-Needle Array™ Electrodes: Handles Only

Handles for use with BTX Two-Needle Array Electrodes (cat. no. BTX531) 2-NEEDLE ARRAY HANDLE, 5mm                                        

BTX™-Harvard Apparatus ECM™ 830 Electroporation Generator

Avoid trypsinization of cells. Using the ECM 830 Generator, when coupled with a Petri Pulser Electrode or the Petri Dish Electrode, allows researchers to do this by electroporating adherent cells directly in the dish they are growing in. ECM830 GENERATOR ONLY

BTX™-Harvard Apparatus ECM™ 830 Series Electroporator System

Make the chore of introducing nucleic acids into cells easier. BTX Harvard ECM 830 Series Electroporator System can be used in applications covering embryo manipulation techniques, in-vivo gene therapy electroporation, in vitro embryo gene delivery, plant protoplast transformation, in-ovo gene delivery, siRNA transfections, and zebrafish electroporation. ECM830 ELECTROPORATION SYSTEM-Generator,610,620,640 cuvettes (10/ea),safety stand,cuvette rack

BTX Harvard Apparatus Tweezertrodes™ Electrodes

Reusable, tweezer-style, in vivo electrodes suitable for drug or gene delivery in animals TWEEZERTRODE ONLY, 10mm Stainless Steel                                      

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporation System Btx Ecm630 Ht

ECM630 HT System -Includes ECM630 Generator, HT100 Plate handler (manual), 6x25 well plates

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporation Petri Dish Chamber Kit

PETRI DISH CHAMBER FOR TISSUE 5mm KIT-Glass PetriDish,deep chamber 5x5mm,micro grabber cables

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Tissue Slice Electroporation Chamber Kit

TISSUE SLICE CHAMBER KIT-chamber 7x7mm,pos tissueelectrode handle,cables

BTX™-Harvard Apparatus ECM™ 399 Exponential Decay Wave Electroporator

Portable, user-friendly system designed to produce the precise field strengths and pulse lengths required for the transformation of bacterial and yeast cells and limited transfection of mammalian cells ECM399 ELECTROPORATION SYSTEM- Generator, 610, 620, 640 cuvettes(10/ea), PEP, and cuvette rack

Harvard Apparatus Accessory for Electroporators - Tissue Slice Wand

TISSUE SLICE POSITIVE ELECTRODE,handle for the positive connection(need 450501, 450503,450504)

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Handle

TISSUE SLICE POSITIVE ELECTRODE-handle for the positive connection(needs 450491,450503,450511)