Eppendorf™ Micro Fusion Chamber

Micro fusion chamber, gap width 0,2mm

Invitrogen™ Electrocomp™ TOP10 Electrocomp Kit

Supplied at transformation efficiency of 1 × 109 cfu/μg supercoiled DNA for high-efficiency cloning and plasmid propagation TOP10 Electrocomp Kit, 6 x 20 transformations, 2,4ml

Eppendorf™ Helix Chamber

Helixfusion chamber for cell fusion

Invitrogen™ Electroporation Cuvettes, 0.1 cm

DNA can be introduced into bacterial, yeast, and mammalian cells by electroporation Electroporation Cuvettes, 0.4 cm (red), 50/bag

Invitrogen™ Electrocomp™ TOP10F Electrocomp Kit

Identical to TOP10 with the addition of an F' episome TOP10F? Electrocomp Kit, 2 x 20 transformations

Invitrogen™ DH10B™ Electrocomp™ MegaX DH10B T1R Electrocomp Cells

Highest-efficiency electrocompetent cells available MegaX DH10B T1R Electrocomp 25 reactions

Invitrogen™ Electrocomp™ One Shot™ One Shot TOP10 Electrocomp E. coli

Supplied at transformation efficiency of 1 x 109 cfu/ μg supercoiled DNA that's ideal for high-efficiency cloning and plasmid propagation One Shot TOP10 Electrocomp Cells, 10transformations

BTX™ Two-Needle Array™ Electrodes

Designed for in vivo drug or gene delivery X6 2-NEEDLE ARRAY , 5mm, Pack of 6                                           

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporation Petri Dish Chamber Kit

PETRI DISH CHAMBER FOR TISSUE 5mm KIT-Glass PetriDish,deep chamber 5x5mm,micro grabber cables

BTX Harvard Microslides for Electrofusion Chambers

MICROSLIDE 453, 3.2 mm GAP 650ul                                                       

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporation System Btx Ecm830 Ht

ECM830 HT System-Includes ECM830 Generator, HT200Plate handler(automatic), 2x96 well plates

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electrode

6-NEEDLE ARRAY 6mm gap, 2mm length  for Agile Pulse In Vivo

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Needle Electroporation Electrode

NEEDLE L-SHAPED PLATINUM ELECTRODE 3mm, ultra thin diameter (needs 45-0508 cables)

BTX™ Gemini SC2 Electroporation System

Essential for researchers electroporating cells in suspension Gemini SC2 Generator, Cuvettes, Safety Dome, and Cuvette Rack

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporation Monitoring System Enhancer 3000

Enhancer 3000, includes interface box, Oscilloscope, communications module and cables

BTX Harvard Genetrodes™ Electrode Kits

GENETRODES L-SHAPE, BENT, GOLD TIP, 5mm (includesholder and cables)

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporation Petri Dish Chamber

PETRI DISH CHAMBER 5mm, glass petri dish with 5mmx5mm deep chamber for tissue (needs 45-0216)

Harvard Apparatus Accessory for Electroporators - Tissue Slice Wand

TISSUE SLICE POSITIVE ELECTRODE,handle for the positive connection(need 450501, 450503,450504)

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporation System Btx Ecm630 Ht

ECM630 HT System -Includes ECM630 Generator, HT100 Plate handler (manual), 6x25 well plates

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Adherent Cell Electroporation Electrode Kit

ADHERENT CELL ELECTRODE KIT- 3mm gap, includes cable 45-0204

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Large Volume Chamber

Agile Pulse Large Volume Chamber, 6 mm gap

BTX™-Harvard Apparatus HT 25-,96-Well Electroporation Plates

For use with ECM 630 and ECM 830 Electroporation Systems 25 well plate, 4mm gap, 250ul per well

BTX Harvard Apparatus Tweezertrodes™ Electrodes

Reusable, tweezer-style, in vivo electrodes suitable for drug or gene delivery in animals TWEEZERTRODE ONLY, 10mm Stainless Steel                                      

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems™ Electroporator Cable Adapter Set

ADAPTER SET banana to square post cable (needs 45-0217 if not being used with ECM2001 CE)

BTX™ Electroporation Accessories: Flat Electrode

Can be used for both electroporation and electro cell fusion FLAT ELECTRODE/DIVERGENT FIELD, 1mm (need 45-0216cables)