Zubehör für Fotodokumentationssysteme

UVP Sample Plates and Plate Holder for GelMax Imager

Maximize imaging capabilities by adding interchangeable sample plates to view a wide range of fluorophore and colorimetric stains SAMPLE PLATE, GELMAX, WHITE

UVP Clear UV Blocking Covers

UV blocking lid UVP for use w/ benchtop UV transil

UVP LED White Light Plate for UVP Imagers

For colorimetric imaging in the darkroom via uniform, backlit white light White light plate UVP active

UVP GFP Filters for Colony Doc-It Imaging Station

Two position Emission filter UVP GFP for ColonyDoc-It system

UVP Clear UV Transmitting Covers

Cover UVP XX-series clear UV transmittant for use

UVP Mitsubishi™ Drucker: Papier

Thermal paper for UVP BioDoc-It™ and VisiDoc-It™ Systems and DigiDoc-It™, MultiDoc-It™ and ChromaDoc-It™ systems X4 MITSUBISHI (PACK OF 4)