Zubehör für Fotodokumentationssysteme

UVP GFP Filters for Colony Doc-It Imaging Station

Two position Emission filter UVP GFP for ColonyDoc-It system

UVP Clear UV Blocking Covers


UVP Clear UV Transmitting Covers

Cover UVP XX-series clear UV transmittant for use

UVP Sample Plates and Plate Holder for GelMax Imager

Maximize imaging capabilities by adding interchangeable sample plates to view a wide range of fluorophore and colorimetric stains SAMPLE PLATE, GELMAX, 470 NM

UVP Mitsubishi™ Drucker: Papier

Thermal paper for UVP BioDoc-It™ and VisiDoc-It™ Systems and DigiDoc-It™, MultiDoc-It™ and ChromaDoc-It™ systems X4 MITSUBISHI (PACK OF 4)

UVP LED White Light Plate for UVP Imagers

For colorimetric imaging in the darkroom via uniform, backlit white light White light plate UVP active