DNA-Extraktion und -Reinigung

Thermo Scientific™ GeneJET™ Plasmid-Miniprep-Kit

Perform isolation of high quality plasmid DNA from recombinant E. coli cultures with this simple, rapid, and cost-effective system. GENEJET PL MINIPREP 50PREP

Invitrogen™ UltraPure™ UltraPure Agarose

Easy-pour spout reduces spills and contamination UltraPure Agarose, 500 g (in umweltfr. Verpackung)

Thermo Scientific™ GeneJET™ Plasmid-Midiprep-Kit

Perform large-scale isolation of high-quality plasmid DNA from recombinant E. coli cultures with this kit. GENEJET PLASMID MIDI, 100 PREP

Invitrogen™ ChargeSwitch™ Direct gDNA Purification Kit, 96-well

Solid-phase, high-throughput genomic DNA (gDNA) purification system ChargeSwitch® Direct 96 gDNA Kit, 1 plate

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ MagMAX™-96 DNA Multi-Sample Kit

Rapid purification of high-quality genomic DNA MagMAX-96 DNA Multi-Sample Kit,5 x 96 preps

Thermo Scientific™ Reagents for MagJET™ Plant gDNA Kit

Precipitat.Sol./Plant gDNA, Kit 60 ml

Invitrogen™ Easy-DNA™ gDNA Purification Kit

Sample sizes from single hair follicles to 1g of mammalian tissue Easy-DNA, 1 Kit

Invitrogen™ UltraPure™ SSPE, 20X

For use in nucleic acid hybridizations and blot transfer applications SSPE BUFFER

Thermo Scientific™ GeneJET™ Plasmid-Maxiprep-Kit

The GeneJET Plasmid Maxiprep Kit is designed for large scale isolation of high quality plasmid DNA from recombinant E. coli cultures. WASH BUF1/GENEJET ENDO-FREE

Thermo Scientific™ Silica Bead DNA Gel Extraction Kit

Perform silica bead-based DNA extraction from agarose gels and reaction mixtures with this kit, which is flexible to scale up or down both reaction and elution volumes. SILICA BEAD GEL EXTR 100PREP

Thermo Scientific™ Buffers for MagJET™ Viral Kit

Wash Buffer 1/MagJET Viral Kit, 45 ml

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ HiPure Plasmid Midiprep Kit

No organic solvents, ethidium bromide, or cesium chloride PureLink HiPure Plasmid Midiprep Kit, 50 reactions

Invitrogen™ UltraPure™ Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS)

Detergent that functions as protein denaturant SODIUM DODECYL SULFATE

Thermo Scientific™ MagJET™ngS Cleanup and Size Selection Kit

Purify and recover selected sizes of your DNA fragment library from upstream reactions for next-gen sequencing workflows with MagJET NGS Cleanup and Size Kits Binding Buff/MagJET Size Sel.

Invitrogen™ ChargeSwitch™ iPrep™ iPrep ChargeSwitch Buccal Cell Kit

Simple, three-step procedure in aqueous buffers iPrep chargeswitch buccal kit, 1 kit

Ambion™ Stabilized Blood-to-CT™ Nucleic Acid Preparation Kit for qPCR, Tempus Blood RNA Tubes

Purification time is less than one hour Stabilized Blood-to-CT Nucleic Acid Prep.Kit for qPCR, 200 rxn

Thermo Scientific™ MagJET Genomic DNA Kit

Purify genomic DNA from cell culture, tissue samples, bacteria, and yeast with a magnetic bead separation method amenable to high-throughput workflows. MagJET Genomic DNA Kit, 96 Tests

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ PCR Purification Binding Buffer B2

Used for purifying PCR products ranging in size from 100bp-12kb PureLink PCR Purification Binding Buffer B2, 1BOTTLE (120mlS)

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit

Contaminants are removed with Wash Buffer PureLink Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit, 250 reactions

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ 96 HQ Mini Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

No alcohol precipitation or desalting necessary PureLink HQ 96 Mini Plasmid Purification Kit, 4 x96 reactions

Thermo Scientific™ Buffers for MagJET™ Plant gDNA Kit

Lysis Buf A/MagJET Plant DNA, 225 ml

Thermo Scientific™ Buffers for MagJET™ Whole Blood gDNA Kit

Elution buffers for various GeneJET and MagJET nucleic acid purification kits Elution Buffer, 30 ml

Invitrogen™ ChargeSwitch™ Plasmid ER Mini Kit

Optimized for higher-purity DNA extraction ChargeSwitch® Plasmid ER Min1 kit, 50 reactions

Thermo Scientific™ GeneJET™ Gel Extraction und Mikro-Kit zu DNA-Aufreinigung

Perform rapid and efficient purification of DNA from PCR and enzymatic reaction mixtures and standard or low-melting point agarose gels with this kit. GeneJET DNA Cleanup Micro Kit

Thermo Scientific™ MagJET™ Plant Genomic DNA Kit

Purifies plant genomic DNA from a variety of plant species and tissues without phenol/chloroform extraction using magnetic bead technology amenable to high-throughput assays. MagJET Plant Genomic DNA Kit, 4 pcs

Invitrogen™ PSI-CLONE™ 96-Well PCR Purification Plates

Fast results in high-yield, high-purity DNA PSI-CLONE 96 WELL PLATE KIT

Invitrogen™ Novex™ High-Density TBE Sample Buffer (5X)

Compatible with polyacrylamide gels HI-DENS TBE SMPL BUF(5X)10MLNovex® TBE Gels provide the highest resolution

Ambion™ MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Kit

Rapid purification of high-quality genomic DNA Mag Max DNA Isolationskit, VE=50 St. 2ml Tubes

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ Quick Gel Extraction and PCR Purification Combo Kit, Mini scale

Designed to purify DNA fragments from agarose gels PureLink Quick Gel Extraction and PCR Purification