RNA-Aufarbeitung und -Reinigung

Invitrogen™ TRIzol™ Reagent

Isolate RNA, DNA, and protein from the same sample TRIzol® Reagent, 200 ml

Invitrogen™ RNaseOUT™ Recombinant Ribonuclease Inhibitor

Protects mRNA and improves total cDNA yields RNaseOUT Recombinant Ribonuclease Inhibitor, 5000units

Invitrogen™ RNAlater™ Stabilization Solution

Immediate RNase inactivation and RNA stabilization within tissues or cells RNALATER 50 X 1.5 ML W/MNL

Thermo Scientific™ T7 RNA-Polymerase

Catalyze the 5'=>3' synthesis of RNA on either single-stranded or double-stranded DNA with T7 RNA polymerase. T7 RNA POL 20U/UL 5X5000U

Invitrogen™ RNAqueous-Micro Total RNA Isolation Kit, Micro scale

Isolates total RNA from micro-scale samples RNAqueous®-Micro Kit, 50 purifications

Invitrogen™ TRIzol™ LS Reagent

Recovery RNA, DNA, and protein from a single liquid sample TRIZOL LS REAGENT

Invitrogen™ SUPERase·In™ RNase Inhibitor (20U/μL)

Binds and inactivates a wide variety of RNases SUPERase-In (20 U/µl), 10000 units, RNaseinhibitor

Applied Biosystems™ Tempus™ Blood RNA Tube

Stabilize RNA and lyse whole blood cells in one step X50 Tempus(TM) blood RNA tube store at room temper

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ DNase Set

Provides rapid and efficient removal of DNA from RNA that has been purified using PureLink™ RNA kits PureLink DNase Set, 50 preps

Invitrogen™ MagMAX™ -96 for Microarrays Total RNA Isolation Kit

Two alternative protocols offer flexibility MagMAX-96 for Microarrays Total RNA Isolation Kit, 96 purifications

Invitrogen™ mirVana™ miRNA Isolation Kit

Available with and without phenol AM1560 mirVana, miRNA Isolation Kit

Applied Biosystems™ RNase Inhibitor

No DNase or endonuclease activity Applied Biosystems® RNase Inhibitor (Ribonucleaseinhibitor), 2000 units

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ RNA Mini Kit

Provides a simple, reliable, and rapid column-based method for isolating high-quality total RNA from a wide variety of sources without the need for hazardous reagents such as phenol PureLink RNA Mini Kit, 10 preps

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ RNA Micro Scale Kit

Provides rapid purification and concentration of total RNA from a variety of samples (e.g., LCM tissues, fine needle aspirates, and FACS-sorted cells) PureLink RNA Micro Scale Kit, 50 preps

Invitrogen™ TRIzol™ Max Bacterial RNA Isolation Kit

Intact total RNA isolation from gram-positive and -negative bacteria TRIzol Max Bacterial RNA Isolation Kit (100 mlTRIzol 20 ml Max Bact.Enh.Reagent)

Thermo Scientific™ Glykogen, RNA-Qualität

Increase the recovery of nucleic acids during preciptation with this inert carrier. X2 GLYCOGEN RNA GRADE 0.1ML

Invitrogen™ PureLink Plant RNA Reagent

Total RNA isolation from plant tissues CONCERT PLANT RNA REAGENT

Invitrogen™ TRI Reagent™ Solution

Isolate DNA, RNA and protein with a single reagent TRI Reagent®

Invitrogen™ TRIzol™ Plus RNA Purification Kit

Isolate total RNA from animal and plant cells, tissue, bacteria, and yeast 50PREP 50RXN TRIZOL PLUS RNA PURIFICATION KIT 50 P

Invitrogen™ RiboMinus™ Transcriptome Isolation Kit, Bacteria

Removes 95 to 98% of rRNA RiboMinus Transcriptome Isolation Kit (Bacteria),12 preps

Invitrogen™ Tempus™ Spin RNA Isolation Kit

RNA isolation from blood Tempus Spin RNA Isolation Kit

Thermo Scientific™ GeneJET RNA-Aufreinigungskit

Silica membrane-based total RNA purification from mammalian blood, cell cultures, and tissues as well as insect, yeast, and bacteria. Provided in a convenient spin-column format. GENEJET RNA PURIF 250 PREP

Invitrogen™ RiboPure™ RNA Purification Kit, blood

RNA isolation directly from whole blood Ribopure-Blood Kit, each

Invitrogen™ Spin Cartridges

Kit replacement components Repl. cartridges f. RNAqueous®(VXAM1912)+RNAqueous®-4PCR (VXAM1914) kits, 50 each

Invitrogen™ MagMAX™-96 Total RNA Isolation Kit

Magnetic bead-based technology to purify total RNA MagMAX-96 Total RNA Isolation Kit, each

Invitrogen™ RiboPure™ RNA Purification Kit, yeast

Enzymatic pretreatment not required RiboPure -Yeast Kit, 50 purifications

Invitrogen™ RNAqueous-4PCR Total RNA Isolation Kit

Isolates total RNA from small tissue samples or cells RNAqueous®-4PCR Kit

Invitrogen™ MICROBExpress™ Bacterial mRNA Enrichment Kit

Bacterial mRNA isolation and purification MICROBExpress Bacterial mRNA Enrichment Kit (2PTS)

Invitrogen™ PureLink™ miRNA Isolation Kit, Mini scale

Small RNA molecule purification without hazardous reagents PureLink miRNA Isolation Kit, 25 reactions

Thermo Scientific™ GeneJET Stabilized and Fresh Whole Blood RNA Kit

Purify high quality total RNA from fresh or frozen whole blood, as well as blood collected in PAXgene and Tempus Tubes GeneJET Stab. /Fresh Blood RNA