Verschiedene immobilisierte Affinitätsliganden

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ LAL Chromogenic Endotoxin Quantitation Kit

Accurately measure endotoxin levels (LPS, lipopolysaccharides) in protein, peptide or antibody samples using our Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) assay. LAL CHROMO ENDOTOXIN QUANTIKIT

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Iminobiotin and Biotin Resins

Agarose beads of immobilized biotin (and iminobiotin) to strongly (or reversibly) bind and remove (or purify) streptavidin or avidin proteins and conjugates from samples. IMINOBIOTIN AGAROSE 5ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Kits zur Albumin-/IgG-Entfernung

Bind and remove human serum albumin and IgG (immunoglobulins) to prepare serum samples for protein-profiling methods with these dual-ligand affinity resin kits. ProteoSeek Albumin & IgG Removal KitKIT

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Hochkapazitätsharz zur Endotoxinentfernung

Remove endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides or LPS) from samples before mass spectrometry using spin columns of poly(e-lysine) ligand on beaded cellulose. High Capacity Endotoxin Removal Resin,10mL

Thermo Scientific™ Detoxi-Gel™ Endotoxin Removing Gel

Bind and extract endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides or LPS) from antibody or protein samples using bulk resin or columns of immobilized Polymixin B ligand. DETOXI-GEL ENDOTOXIN REMOVING10ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ D-Galactose Agarose

Bind and affinity-purify lectins, galactosidases and other galactose-binding molecules using this beaded agarose resin with immobilized thio-alpha-D-galactose. IMMOB D-GALACTOSE GEL 5ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ GST Agarose

Isolate or remove cross-reacting GST-specific serum or other antibody solutions with immobilized glutathione S-transferase agarose. PIERCE AGAROSE GST 5ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ p-Aminophenyl Phosphoryl Choline Agarose

Bind and purify C-reactive protein (CRP) using these agarose beads of immobilized p-aminophenyl phosphoryl choline (APC). Immobilized p-Aminophenyl Phosphoryl Choline Gel,5 mL

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Boronic Acid Resin

Selectively bind and remove or purify ribonucleotides and small oligonucleotide RNAs using polyacrylamide beads of immobilized m-aminophenyl-boronic acid. IMMOB BORONIC ACID 10ML