Klassenspezifische Protein-Assay-Kits

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Protease-Assay-Kits

Determine total protease activity in biological samples via fluorescent or colorimetric detection by measuring digestion of labeled casein substrate. FTC-CASEIN 2,5MG

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Glycoprotein Carbohydrate Estimation Kit

Measure protein glycosylation as the percent of purified protein mass compared to included glycoprotein standards; uses periodic acid Schiff-base reagents (PAS). Lyophilized Glycoprotein Standards SetSET

Invitrogen™ BACE1 (β-Secretase) FRET Assay Kit, red

BACE1 FRET Assay (ß-Secretase) Kit, Red X400 Bace1 fret assay, (b-secrts) 400µL Store atBACE1 (-secretase) is a key enzyme involved in

Boston Biochem™ 10X HSP Reaction Buffer

General Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway (UPP) Products 10X BUFF FASTDIGEST GREEN 1ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Phosphoprotein Phosphate Estimation Kit

Classify and identify proteins as phosphorylated (serine and threonine) and obtain semi-quantitative assessment of the phosphorylation levels. Phosphoprotein Phosphate Estimation Assay KitKIT

Invitrogen™ KDalert™ GAPDH Assay Kit with Manual

KDalert™ GAPDH Assay Kit with Manual KDalert GAPDH assay kit with manual AppliedBiosystems, 375 reactions

Invitrogen™ KDalert™ GAPDH Assay Kit

KDalert™ GAPDH Assay Kit KDalert GAPDH Assay Kit, 375 reactions

Invitrogen™ LanthaScreen™ TR-FRET BACE1 Assay Kit

LanthaScreen™ TR-FRET BACE1 Assay Kit LanthaScreen TR-FRET BACE1 Assay Kit, 800 × 20 µlassays

EMD Millipore™ Alkaline Phosphatase Detection Kit

Alkaline Phosphatase Detection Kit

EMD Millipore™ Chemicon™ 20S Proteasome Activity Assay Kit

Provides a simple and convenient means for assaying proteasome activity that recognize the substrate LLVY 1SET 20S PROT ASSAY KIT- 100 ASSY

Macherey-Nagel™ Assay zur Proteinquantifizierung

50 RXN PROTEIN QUANTIFICATION ASSAY 50PREPS RRR -pack at ambient store at ambient shelf life 365

GE Healthcare Protein Kinase C Biotrak Enzyme Assay

Protein Kinase C Biotrak Enzyme Assay for 240 tube

GE Healthcare Protein Kinase C Biotrak Enzyme Assay

Protein Kinase C Biotrak enzyme assay for 240