Normal Goat Serum (10%)

Normal Goat Serum (10%) 10% NON-IMMUNE GOAT SERUM, 100 ML10% NON-IMMUNE GOAT SERUM

Goat Serum, BT-415, Alfa Aesar™

May be used as a blocking agent or negative control in immunoassays. For immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry, goat serum was used between 1%-20% as blocking agent in various studies. 5ML Goat Serum, BT-415

Gibco™ Normal Goat Serum

Normal Goat Serum Normal Goat Serum, 5 ml

MP Biomedicals Goat Serum

Suitable alternative to fetal bovine serum in a wide range of cell culture applications such as the isolation and identification of viruses produced in a variety of primary cell lines GOAT SERUM 100 ML