Corning™ Human AB Serum

Human AB serum is used in tissue engineering and cell therapy applications involving human cell types. 100 mL Human-Serum AB

MP Biomedicals™ Human Serum: Normal Serum

Hepatitis Associated Antigen (HBsAG)–free, HIV–free 100ML SERUM, Human

MP Biomedicals™ Human Serum, Type AB

Golden Yellow Liquid. Proven to grow many human cell lines at a faster rate and with a smaller percentage of serum than mixed blood group serum. 100ML HUMAN SERUM

MP Biomedicals™ Human Serum, Type AB, Normal Pool

Used as a growth supplement for cell culture media and in other research applications. HUMAN SERUM, TYPE AB 100 ML

MP Biomedicals™ Human Serum: Hepatitis C (HCV)-Free

Hepatitis Associated Antigen (HBsAG)–free, HIV–free 100ML Human Serum

MP Biomedicals™ Whole Serum

Suitable for use as a serum protein control in immunoelectrophoresis, Ouchterlony immunodiffusion, and other immunoprecipitation techniques. WHOLE SERUM 2 ML

Human Serum (Normal Pool), Fisher BioReagents

100ML Human Serum, (Normal Pool)

MP Biomedicals™ Human Serum, Pooled

Used as a media component to neutralize cell free virus. Human Serum

MP Biomedicals™ Human Serum: Heat Activated

Hepatitis Associated Antigen (HBsAG)–free, HIV–free HUMAN SERUM 100 ML