Proteinassays und Aminosäurenanalyse

GE Healthcare Amersham™ ECL™ Blockierungsreagenz

Use for Controlling background noise.  GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Amersham™ ECL Advance™ is Blocking Reagent controls background noise while retaining a high level of signal intensity. ECL ADVANCE BLOCKING REAGENT

GE Healthcare 2-D Kit zur Quantifizierung

Use for accurate determination of protein concentration in samples prepared for electrophoresis techniques. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ 2-D Quant Kit  precipitates proteins while leaving interfering substances behind. 2-D QUANT KIT

GE Healthcare Human Antibody Capture Kit

Capture human or humanised IgG antibodies as ligands in biomolecular interaction analyses.  GE Healthcare Human Antibody Capture Kit uses the Biacore system. BR-1008-39 Human Antibody Capture Kit

GE Healthcare Mouse Antibody Capture Kit

Capture mouse IgG antibodies as ligands in various biomolecular interaction analyses.  GE Healthcare Mouse Antibody Capture Kit Anti-Mouse IgG is suitable for immobilization on carboxyl derivatised surfaces. BR-1008-38 Mouse Antibody Capture Kit

Magle Life Sciences™ Phadebas™ Amylase Test

X500 Phadebas Amylase test No.1302 (5x100 tablets)