Mikroskop - Ersatzteile

Invitrogen™ FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station

Affordable, user-friendly imaging solution for quick detection and verification of fluorescently-labeled samples FLOID CELL IMAGING STATION

Carl Zeiss™ 380059.1660 Halogen Glühlampe, 12V / 100W

380059.1660 Halogen Glühlampe, 12V / 100W

Carl Zeiss™ Ersatzlampen für Mikroskope und faseroptische Netzteile

Für Carl Zeiss Mikroskope und faseroptische Netzteile Long-Life Halogenlampe 6V 20W

SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging™ Annular Fiber Optic SLIM Ringlight

Annular fiber optic SLIM ringlight. Mounts directly to objective by means of thumb screw. Especially used for microscopes with several objective lenses (revolver); To use with Cold light source KL1500HAL, KL1600LED or KL2500LED Annular ring light "slim" PURAVIS, Ø i = 66 mm

Leica Microsystems™ KIT POLARISATION FOR DM 500

Improve image visualization with polarization. Leica Microsystems™ Polarizing Kit, DM 500 includes a polarizer and an analyzer for DM 500 microscopes. KIT POLARISATION FOR DM 500

EVOS™ Leuchtstoffwürfel

Der Lichtgenerator sorgt für eine bemerkenswerte Lichtstärke über einen kurzen Lichtweg und gewährleistet damit eine hervorragende Erregung der Fluoreszenzfarbstoffe LED LIGHT CUBE Q-DOT 525-800

Leica Microsystems™ Objektiv HI-Plan

Economical, high quality microscope objective designed for visual fields up to 20mm. Leica Microsystems™ Objective HI-Plan features good chromatic correction at two wavelengths, flatness over the whole field of view and sharp image edges. OBJECTIVE HI-PLAN 100X/1,25 PH3

Carl Zeiss™ Vorsatzobjektive für Stemi™ 2000/2000C Stereomikroskop

Use this objective with Cal Zeiss Mocroscopes. ADDITIONNAL LENS 0,4XSTEMI

Leica Microsystems™ SLIDER DARK FIELD

Improve unstained sample image clarity by increasing sample to background contrast via darkfield methodology. Leica Microsystems™ Darkfield Slider permits visualization of small structures typically overlooked by brightfield observation. SLIDER DARK FIELD

Carl Zeiss™ Mikroskopobjektmikrometer


EVOS™ Zubehör für Bildgebungssysteme, Objektive für Mikroskope

Die Bauteile sind auf Bilder in druckreifer Qualität ausgelegt

EVOS™ Fluorite Objective Lens

For fluorescence and demanding transmitted-light applications OBJ PLAN FLUOR 40X 0.75NA/0.72WD

EVOS™ Achromat Oil Objectives

For general applications and image with different magnification OBJ PLAN ACHRO 100X 1.25NA/0.15WD

EVOS™ Olympus Super-Apochromat CC Objective Lens, 100X

Designed for demanding research applications EVOS® Obj, Inf Plan S-Apo 100X OIL, NA 1.40, WD 0.

EVOS™ Microscope Arm Rest Kit

For delicate cell isolation procedures ARM REST KIT

EVOS™ Diffusion Condenser Slider


EVOS™ Meniscus Condenser Sliders

Even out field of view EVOS COND SLIDER, MENISCUS B

EVOS™ Condenser Sliders

Adds contrast when imaging EVOS CONDENSER SLIDER, BLUE

Applied Biosystems™ FLoid™ Printer Replacement Ink and Paper

For use with FLoid Cell Imaging Station-compatible printer FLoid Printer Ink/Paper, 1 pack

EVOS™ Olympus Apochromat LWD Objective Lens

For demanding applications, especially capturing color images in white light PLAN APO 1.25X, NA 0.04

EVOS™ Pinhole Condenser Slider

Adds contrast when imaging PINHOLE CONDENSER SLIDER BF

Cole-Parmer™ Specwell™ M820-S Microscope/Telescope with Built-in Reticle

Ideal for macroscopic quality control and inspection procedures. This scope is constructed of durable aluminum and plastic and features a straight line reticle. MIKROSKOP 25X / FERNROHR 8X

EVOS™ Olympus Apochromat CC Objective Lens

For demanding applications, especially capturing color images in white light OBJ APO 60X OIL 1.42NA/0.15WD

Leica Microsystems™ 10X/20 Eyepiece, DM500/750

Suitable eyepiece for the DM-Series of innovative educational compound microscopes. Leica Microsystems™ 10X/20 Eyepiece, DM500/750 comes complete with an eyeguard. OCCULARY 10/20 ADJUSTABLE

Leica Microsystems™ Trinocular Tube, DM500/750

One of multiple suitable viewing head options for the DM500/700 microscopes. Leica Microsystems™ Trinocular Tube, DM500/750 has a 30° angle for viewing comfort. TRINOCULARY TUBE 30°