Thermo Scientific™ National Target Vollkunststoff-Einwegspritzen

Verwenden Sie diese Kunststoff-Einwegspritzen zum Dispensieren kleiner Flüssigkeitsvolumina oder zur Druckfilterung durch unsere Spritzenvorsatzfilter. Einmalspritze, 1ml, Luer-Anschluß VE=100 Stück

Kimble™ Kontes™ Polyethylene Micro Syringes


Masterflex™ Syringe pump lock tip glass 230V 50Hz 1/10mL graduations 2mL Masterflex

Syringe pump lock tip glass 230V 50Hz 1/10mLgraduations 2mL Masterflex, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Masterflex™ Syringe pump lock tip glass 230V 50Hz 1mL graduations 20mL Masterflex

Syringe pump lock tip glass 230V 50Hz 1mLgraduations 20mL Masterflex, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

BD Plastipak™ Spritze mit Katheterspitze

Graduated concentric catheter tip luer slip syringe.  BD Biosciences™ Plastipak™ Catheter-Tip Syringe is sterile and single use. BD Plastipak Wund-/Blasenspritze 100ml VE=25 Stück

BD Syringes

Plastipak-Spritzen, 5ml, LuerLock, 3-teilig(VE=500 Stück)

BD Syringes with Luer-Lok™ Tips


BD Hypodermische dreiteilige Plastipak™ Spritze mit mittigem Luer-Lock

Plastic graduated syringe.  BD Medical™ Plastipak™ Centric Luer-lock Hypodermic Three-Piece Syringe for injection of fluid. X200 Einmalspritze 3 ml Luer Lock ( VE = 200 Stck)

BD Polypropylene Syringe

X60 HYPODERMIC SYRINGE PLASTIPAK CONCENTRIC LUERlok sterile / single use pack of 60 amber 50mL

EMD Millipore Syringe

Dispense liquids into small containers and pressure-filter small volumes through filter holders or filter units with female Luer slip inlets. X12 PLASTIC SYRINGE 20ML

BD Discardit™ zweiteilige Spritze mit seitlichem Luer-Anschluss

Use for sterile applications. BD Biosciences™ Discardit™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Two-Piece Syringe are disposible after single use.  X80 BD Discardit II Einmalspritzen 20ml VE=80 Stüc

Sartorius™ Disposable Plastic Syringes

Disposable plastic syringes that can be used with all syringe filter holders and 3-way valves Einwegspritzen aus Kunststoff, steril,50ml (VE=12Stck.)

Duran™ AR Glass Syringes

X50 Saugspritzen (Saugkolben), AR-GLAS, 25ml

Carl Roth™ Glass Syringe

Glasspritze, mit Glaskonus und Luer-Anschluss, 5ml

BD Dreiteilige Plastipak™ Spritze mit konzentrischem Luer-Slip

Use for sterile applications.  BD Biosciences™ Plastipak™ Concentric Luer-Slip Three-Piece Syringe are individually wrapped and tested for sterility, pyrogenicity and toxicity. X100 BD Plastikpak, 3-teilige Spritze, Luer- Ansatz,

B Braun™ Einwegkanüle aus Edel- und Chrom-Nickel-Stahl

Manufactured from stainless chromium-nickel steel with extremely smooth surface and light silicone coating. B Braun™ Sterican™ Single-use Tri-beveled Needles provide minimal pain upon puncture. Latex-free/PVC-free Sterican Einmalkanülen 0,60x25mm blau23GX1 4657667 VE=100

B Braun™ Injekt™ Solo Einmalspritzen

9202625 10ml Injekt Spritze unsteril ( VE = 1000St. )

Socorex™ Syringe

Ganzglasspritzen 155 0,5-2 ml Luer Lock Ansatzaus Metall (VE=3Stck.)

SGE™ Syringes with Valves

Prefitted with removable needle and valve or Luer Lock valve Becher mit Rand und Ausguss, 18/10Stahl, 100ml,D=50mm, H=60mm

B Braun™ Omnifix®-F Spritzen, fein dosierbar

Made of polypropylene/polystyrene. Omnifix™-F Solo Single-use Syringes include a highly transparent barrel with permanent marking to provide ideal readability. Plunger stopper with double sealing ring provides slow aspiration and injection. X100 Omnifix - F, 1 ml Feindosierungsspritzen vonBraun 9161406V

B Braun™ Ominifix™ Solo Einweg-Irrigationsspritze

Manufactured from polypropylene. Omnifix™ Solo Single-use Irrigation Syringe with highly transparent barrel and high contrast black graduation provides ideal readability. Plunger stopper includes double sealing ring for slow aspiration and injection. Einmalspritzen Omnifix, 30 ml, Luer-Anschluss

Socorex™ Syringe Classic 173 0.3mL to 2mL glass / metal Socorex

Selbstfüllerspritze Modell 173, 0.3 bis 2.0ml,Ventil integriert

Hamilton™ 1750 AD SAL Syringe

Mikroliterspritze 1750 AD SL, 500 µl

BD Difco™Discardit™ zweiteilige Spritze mit mittigem Luer-Anschluss

Two piece syringes without needles. BD Difco™Discardit™ Concentric Luer-slip Two-Piece Syringe is disposable and sterile. X100 BD Discardit II Einmalspritzen 2ml

BD Einwegspritzen mit Luer-Lok™ Spitzen

Unique integrated BD Luer-Lok™ tip syringe with clear barrel.   BD Medical™ Disposable Syringes with Luer-Lok™ Tips are sterile and disposable. Plastipak-Spritzen, 1ml, LuerLock, 3-teilig(VE=100Stck.)