Chroma Gesellschaft™ Carbon Steel Scapel Blades

Scalpel Baldes, Disposable BS 2982, CarbonSteel,Blade No. 22a (Pack of 100)

Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ robustes Skalpell

Schneiden Sie mit der Standardbauchdeckenklinge des Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ robusten Skalpells. Scalpel

B Braun™ Cutfix™ Skalpelle aus Edelstahl

Einmalskalpelle Cutfix, steril, Figur 24 (Ve=10St.)

B Braun™ Safety Scalpel Sterile

X10 Sicherheitsskalpell, steril, Figur 10

B Braun™ Scalpel Blade

BB088R Skalpellklingenhalter

Swann Morton™ Surgical Blade


Swann Morton™ Chirurgische Skalpelle aus Edelstahl

Use for convenience in a number of user environments be it on the ward, in emergency or trauma units or even out in the field with the Paramedics. Swann Morton™ Stainless Steel Surgical Scalpels come in single peel packs. X10 EINWEG SKALPELL NR.21 STERIL

B Braun™ Scalpel Handle For Microblades 135mm

Skalpellgriff für Mikroklingen, 135mm (5 1/2")

Bayha™ Carbon Steel Scapel Blades

Bayha-Skalpellklingen, Figur 11, unsteril VE=12Stück

Swann Morton™ Stainless Steel Scalpel


Bochem™ Stainless Steel Scalpel

Skalpell, rostfrei, Holzgriff, L=150mm

B Braun™ CUTFIX Stainless Steel Disposable Scalpels

Protects blades and prevents injuries with plastic cover while not in use. B Braun™ Aesculap™ Stainless Steel Disposable Scalpels include a plastic handle and blade protector. Sterile. Einmalskalpelle Cutfix, steril, Figur 20 (Ve=10St.)

0 Disposable Scalpel

Disp.Skalpell Nr.10 in Behälter steril (VE=25 st.) )

B Braun™ Steel Sterile Scalpel

BA224 Einmal-Skapelle ( 10 St. )

B Braun™ Safety Scalpels, 21

Sicherheitsskalpelle, Fig. 21, Pack á 10 Stück, PZ

B Braun™ Safety Scalpels, 22

Sicherheitsskalpelle, Fig. 22, Pack á 10 Stück, PZ

Rogo Sampaic™ Stainless Steel Scalpel


Chroma Gesellschaft™ Carbon Steel Scapel Blades

Gas detector probe CMS telescopic requires remotesystem 1m Dräger, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Biochem™ Edelstahlskalpell

Manufactured from stainless steel. BOCHEM™ Stainless Steel Scalpels features a stainless steel handle. Skalpell, rostfrei, Metallgriff, L=150mm

B Braun™ Sterile Scalpel

BA211 Einmalskalpell Steril / 11 VE=10 Stück

B Braun™ Sterile Scalpel Blade

BB522 Skalpellklingen Fig. 22 VE = 100 Stück