S Murray™ Platindrahthalterung

Use this wire holder for inoculation wire or platinum wire up to 0.56mm in diameter. S Murray™ Platinum Wire Holders are fully guaranteed in normal use and subject to stringent quality inspection procedures. X5 PLATINUM WIRE HOLDER ALUMINIUM ALLOY, 200MM,

Swann-Morton™ Kunststoff-Klingenentferner für Skalpelle

Use the non-sterile Swann Morton™ Plastic Scalpel Blade Remover to remove scalpel blades. KLINGENENTFERNER

Schneider Gerd™ Nadelhalter aus Aluminium

Use this needle holder for dissection applications. Schneider Gerd™ Aluminum Needle Holders feature a plastic handle for a secure grip. Nadelhalter Alu mit Kunststoffgriff 240 mm

Liegeur™ KORKBODEN 270X180X10MM