Nadeln mit Röhrchenhalterung

BD Vacutainer Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needle

X480 SAFETY NEEDLE BD VACUTAINERECLIPSE, BLOODcollection compatible with all BD vacutainers

BD™ Vacutainer™ Blood Collection Multi-sample Needles

BD Precisionglide-Kanülen VE=100 Stück

Hamilton™ Hubless Needle

X6 HUBLESS NDL (18/**/**)

Hamilton™ Nadel mit Metallansatz

NADEL LUER (20/120/2) nicht verjüngt 6/pkGAU

B Braun™ DuroGrip™ Slender Needle Holder

Durogrip Nadelhalter zweifel 200mm

B Braun™ Micro Adel Halter

Mikronadelhalter O.Sperre ger. 185mm

Megro™ Venoject Needle

Venoject naalden 20Gx1,5 (1000 st)

Greiner Bio-One Multi-Drawing Blood Collection Needles

For routine blood collection X100 Vacuetten 450077

B Braun™ Hypodermic Needle-Pro™ Safety Needle

Limits the risk of needlestick injuries. Hypodermic Needle-Pro™ Safety Needs is used with a simple one-handed technique, keeping the user's hand behind the needle. Provides visual and audible confirmation that the needle is secured. X100 Sicherheitskanülen, Hyperdemic Needle Pro, 25G x 1, 05mm x 25mm, 1 Stk

Hamilton™ Kel-F Hub Needle


Terumo™ Sterile Needles

Nadel Sterile 22G -2' VE=100 Stück