Fisherbrand™ PTFE Conical Joint Clamps

Use as a safe solution to clamping glass joints. The PTFE conical joint clamps include an encapsulated steel spring. Schliffsicherung, PTFE, NS19, blauPTFE

Duran™ POM Clip


Duran™ Konische Keck-Bodenklammern aus Nickel

Manufactured from nickel. DURAN™ Nickel Keck Conical Ground Clamps is used with conical joints. Keck-Kegelschliffklammer, NS 18,8 aus NickelNICKEL

Duran™ Nickel Keck Conical Ground Clamps

Keck-Kegelschliffklammer, NS 24 aus Nickel

Quickfit™ Joint Clamp

X10 Clip, KC45, polyacetal brown, pack of 10

Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Clips aus Polyoxymethylen (POM)

Ensures a secure connection while preventing damage to glass tubing and increasing safety in the laboratory. Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Keck™ POM Conical Joint Clips are manufactured from temperature resistant polyoxymethylene (POM).

Duran™ Keck Schlauchklemmen

Control the amount of a substance flowing through the hose using only one finger. DURAN™ Keck Hose Clamps are are temperature resistant up to 200°C. Keck-Schlauchklemme, KT 6 mm, gelb,6MM

Quickfit™ Metal Joint Clamp

X5 Joint clip spherical joint metal S19 joint

Duran™ Keck konische Kegelschliff-Klemmen

Made of temperature resistant polyacetal (POM).DURAN™ Keck Conical Ground Clamps are color coded by size. Keck-Kegelschliffklammer, NS 14,5, gelbDELRIN

Duran™ Keck Clamp Rings

Keck-Klemmring für Adapter GL 14, gelb

Duran™ Keck Conical Joint Clips

X10 Kegelschliffklammer, Keck, NS 10, grün

Duran™ Keck-Montageset

Attach this flexible vacuum tubing to filter flasks. Duran™ Keck™ Mounting Set is a connection set spare for filtering flasks. X10 Keck Montageset für SaugflaschenPassend für Saugflaschen von 100 ml bis 20 l.

Quickfit™ Metal Joint Clamp

X2 Joint clip flat flange/spherical joint metal S41 and FG25 joint size

Duran™ Spherical Joint Clips

Klammer für Kugelschliffe KS 65

Rotulex™ Verbindungsklammer aus Metall

Spring-loaded metal clips. Rotulex™ Metal Joint Clamps are designed to secure corresponding Rotulex™ glassware systems with ball and socket style joints. ROTULEX JOINT CLIP METAL41/25

Quickfit™ Klemme aus Polyacetal für Kegelschliffverbindungen

Manufactured from polyacetal for strength and rigidity. Quickfit™ Polyacetal Clamps for Conical Joints are designed to secure corresponding Quickfit™ glassware with conical joints. X10 CLIP 19/26 BLUE

Schott Glass™ Spherical Joint Clips

Klammer für Kugelschliffe KS 40

Duran™ Conical Joint Clips

X10 Klemme für Kegelschliffe, für NS29

Quickfit™ Metal Joint Clamp

X2 Joint clip, metal, size S51

Hofmann Klaus™ Kunststoff-Clip


Duran™ Ceramic Cap

X10 Bügelverschluss für Rollrandflaschen

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Stainless Steel Fork Clamps

X10 Fork clamp w/o fixing screw NS 14/23Feststellschraube

Duran™ Stainless Steel Quick Fasteners

Employ the Duran™ Stainless Steel Quick Fasteners for a quick release using screw swivels. Schnellverschlüsse aus Edelstahl mit 3Haltesegmenten, DN 100

Quickfit Jointed Ware™ Quick Release Clamp


Quickfit™ Polyacetal Joint Clamp

X5 Clip, KS19 blue, pack of five

Duran™ Schnelleinspanner aus Edelstahl

Includes 3 retaining clips. DURAN™ Stainless Steel Quick Release Clamps securely affix items. Schnellverschlüsse aus Edelstahl mit 3Haltesegmenten, DN 200

Duran™ Keck Conical Ground Clamps

Keck-Kegelschliffklammer, NS 45, braun

Duran™ Keck Spherical Joint Clips

Keck-Klemmensortiment,kegelschliff, aus Metall